Contacts Supporting Vietnamese Repatriating from Ukraine

The Foreign Ministry’s State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs has asked associations to help Vietnamese in Ukraine with registration for repatriation flights.
March 13, 2022 | 14:52
Contacts Supporting Vietnamese Repatriating from Ukraine
Overseas Vietnamese are happy to return home.

Given the complex situation in Ukraine, many Vietnamese have been evacuated to neighbouring countries and have expressed their wish to return to the homeland.

To meet their demands, under the Government’s directions, domestic authorities conducted a repatriation flight from Bucharest (Romania) on March 7 and another from Warsaw (Poland) on March 9.

After those flights, many other Vietnamese people still wish to come back to Vietnam, and authorities are maximising efforts, with the support of businesses, to arrange more repatriation flights.

The committee asked the associations to instruct the evacuees to stay updated with the information published on the official websites of the Vietnamese embassies in Romania and Poland.

The evacuees should contact and register with the embassies directly or via the registration links after the official information about repatriation flights is released, it noted.

To receive assistance in case of need, overseas Vietnamese people should use the following phone numbers and emails:

- The Vietnamese Embassy in Poland:

+ Website:

+ Email:

+ Hotlines: (+48) 782 257 359; (+48) 22 742 01 00.

- The Vietnamese Embassy in Romania:

+ Website:

+ Email:

+ Hotline: +40 744 645 037

As Vietnamese people have continued fleeing to some other countries like the Czech Republic and Germany, the embassies and associations of Vietnam there have also worked to explain the host countries’ policies for people evacuating from Ukraine.

In case of emergency, the evacuees should contact:

- The Vietnamese Embassy in the Czech Republic:

+ Citizen protection phone number: +420792392299

+ Mr Nguyen Nhu Thuy: +420792399959

+ Mr Tran Trung Hieu: +420792398729

- The Vietnamese Association in the Czech Republic:

+ Mr Nguyen Duy Nhien, Chairman: +420602882442

+ Mar Giang Thanh, Vice Chairman: +420721222666

+ Nguyen Thi Dieu Linh, Chairwoman of the Vietnamese youth and student association: +420721058468.

- The Vietnamese Embassy in Germany:

+ Citizen protection phone number: +49 152 2133 5656./.

On March 10, the government allowed Sun Group to finance 10 Vietnam Airlines flights to bring home Vietnamese citizens and their family members evacuated from war zones in Ukraine to its neighbouring countries.

More than 4,500 Vietnamese people had been evacuated to Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Russia as of 4pm on March 11, of whom nearly 600 were flown home on March 7 and March 9.

As many as 610 Vietnamese citizens in Romania and some 500 others in Poland have registered for repatriation flights.

1,000 Vietnamese in Ukraine to Return Home

1,000 Vietnamese in Ukraine to Return Home

Vietnamese in Ukraine wish to come back to their homeland.

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More Overseas Vietnamese Return from Ukraine

More Overseas Vietnamese Return from Ukraine

The Vietnamese returning from Ukraine on the special flight to Hanoi were happy to be being in their homeland.

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