Da Nang sets up 7 Covid-19 checkpoints

The Da Nang health department has established checkpoints working 24/7 at seven entrances to screen everyone entering the city for risks of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infection.
March 18, 2020 | 08:26
da nang sets up 7 covid 19 checkpoints
Da Nang sets up 7 Covid-19 checkpoints. Photo: ThanhnienNews

Seven checkpoints are located in the end of Truong Sa Street, Tran Dai Nghia Street in Ngu Hanh Son District, in the foot of Hai Van Pass and in the South of Hai Van Tunnel in Lien Chieu District, the Hoa Nhon and Hoa Phuoc entrance gates in Hoa Vang District and Da Nang train station.

Staff stationed at these checkpoints, the majority of whom are employees from the districts’ medical centers, will coordinate with local traffic police officers to take the body temperature of every person entering the city.

Those on duty will stop all vehicles to measure all people’s temperature especially foreigners, some of them will fill in health declaration if medical workers suspected them to have disease.

Foreigners who suffer fever at checkpoints will be taken to the hospital No.199 while Vietnamese people living abroad will be rushed to Lung Hospital for treatment.

Local residents all have worn face masks in public places to prevent the spread of Covid- 19.

Health ministry confirms 61st COVID-19 infection case.

Of the total COVID-19 patients in Viet Nam, 16 had been cleared of the virus and discharged from hospitals. All the rest have been reported since March 6.

Da Nang has three active cases, including two British men and a Vietnamese woman working at an electronics store who came into close contact with the two British patients.

No fatality due to COVID-19 has been recorded in Viet Nam so far.

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