Four travel trends after Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic will change the way people travel in the near future as travelers look to maximize their experiences while minimizing risk. Here are four travel trends after the pandemic
July 31, 2020 | 07:26
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Road Trips and RV Travel. Photo: Internet

Air travel demand is down dramatically, but interest in road trips and RV travel is certain to be greater than usual as a majority of travelers have indicated that they currently feel the safest traveling in their personal vehicle.

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Local Trips. Photo: Internet

Travel restrictions and health concerns will encourage many travelers to stay local in the weeks and months to come. Beaches, mountains and charming small towns will be in high demand. Visiting places closer to home also allows vacationers to take shorter trips more frequently.

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Backpacking. Photo: Internet

A recent report by service sector advisor Sentimantle suggests that backpackers will be among the first to return to international travel. This group tends to be young, single and often male. Whether traveling for work or taking advantage of unemployment, budget-conscious backpackers can take advantage of discounted hotels and hostels.

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Flexible Booking. Photo: Internet

Travelers want certainty and peace of mind now more than ever, and many companies, including cruise lines, hotel chains and airlines, have taken notice, rolling out flexible booking policies that allow for last-minute changes and cancellations without penalty.

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business areas expected to prosper after covid 19 in vietnam Business areas expected to prosper after Covid-19 in Vietnam

Biotechnology, online retail, fintech, and green real estate are expected to prosper during the post-COVID period.

vietnams economy likely to have v shaped recovery after covid 19 Vietnam’s economy likely to have V-shaped recovery after Covid-19

Saigon Securities Incorporated (SSI) believes that the highest probability for Vietnam's economy is a V-shaped recovery.

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