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Google symbolizes Vietnam Banh Mi to its image

March 24, 2020 | 08:56

Vietnam Banh Mi (Banhmi) was suprisingly made illustrious by Google in the early morning on 24 March

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google symbolizes vietnam banh mi to its image
Vietnam Banh Mi becomes Google' symbol (Photo took on Google screen)

Vietnam Banh Mi is considered one of the best fast food in Viet cuisine and is becoming more and more famous for its special taste worldwide, along with Pho and Viet coffee. Particularly, Banh Mi was made illustrious after Vietnam's "King of Banhmi" created dragonfruit-made red Banhmi

google symbolizes vietnam banh mi to its image
Innovative Dragonfruit-made red Banhmi for the rescue of agricultural products due to Covid-19 outbreak

The Dragonfruit-made red Banhmi was supposed to be a smart and innovative rescue agricultural products from price slump due to Covid-19's spread, beside the the leading hastag:apoligize to Vietnam on twister rose from one Korean tourist disparaging Banhmi in quarantined zone, and one overseas Vietnamese female speaking scornfully on Banhmi make Banhmi more well-known than ever.

google symbolizes vietnam banh mi to its image
Banhmi is one of the most uniqe and special taste in Viet style of cuisine

According to Wiki, Banhmi includes Meat Banhmi or burger Banhmi, Viet-style Banhmi or Sai gon Banhmi is one load of bread made in normal wheat ( now added a little rice flour), a very popular street-food in the south, and subsequently spreading to the middle and north of Vietnam. This kind of bread originated from Franch baguette, and was innovatively processed to a new shorter of 30-40 cm Banhmi by Saigon people. Inside a load of Banhmi added meat or Vietnamese tastes, aroma and chilli...then made it the most popular fast food of Saigon 150 years ago. Nowadays, Banhmi has the same cover but different cores up to your favorite.

Banhmi - this kind of special fast food can feed anybody for breakfast, lunch or dinner, especially to students and employees because of its cheaper cost and convenience.

After 1975, Sai gon Banhmi together with Vietnamese immigrants cross borders entering France, the USA, Canada became more and more illustrious around the world. Americans called it Banhmi, then the Guardian - a well-known magazine of tourism in the UK- ranked Saigon Banhmi as one of the best and most attractive street-food in the world in March 2012.

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When we think about Vietnamese food, complex flavors and contrasting textures come to mind.

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Translated by Tarah Nguyen