Hanoi to host world's first digital exhibition on Italian Renaissance

Hanoi is open the world's first digital exhibition showcasing the work by Raphael, one of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance period, whose mastery lay in depicting emotions realistically in great details
September 03, 2020 | 08:23
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According to information released by the Italian Embassy in Hanoi, the exhibition is scheduled to take place between September 8 and October 31.

Those keen on viewing the digital exhibition will be able to watch the event’s opening ceremony online at 10:00 a.m. on September 6. The event will be live streamed via the official Facebook pages of the Hanoi Museum and the Italian Embassy in Vietnam.

The digital exhibition has been curated by the renowned art historian Claudio Strinati and has received contributions from a scientific committee comprising of leading experts on Raphael’s art. Most notably, the exhibition goes beyond the concept of a “multimedia production” and strives to blend together scientific rigour, technological innovation, and artistic talent, all of which has been designed in a way to have a unique emotional impact on visitors.

Along the exhibition’s itinerary, visitors will be able to interact with a variety of media, including images, narrations, and music, all of which will provide a comprehensive experience of the artist’s genius, therefore explaining the essential place that the Italian holds within the art history.

Below are some of his best paintings and artworks

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Madonna and Child with Saint John the BaptistMadonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist . Photo: Artisticjunkie

A leading figure of High Renaissance, Raphael was an Italian painter, whose mastery lay in depicting emotions realistically in great details. He used several mediums such as metal-point, chalk, pen, and ink, leaving behind a large body of work, despite his death at the young age of 37.
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Le Dang
VOV/ artisticjunkie


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