ILO Career Guidance Package and Mobile Phone Application debuts

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has officially launched the Career Guidance Package and Mobile Phone Application for Vietnamese students aged 14-19, named “ILO-Huong nghiep” which aims to improve the access of more young people to the career guidance package in order to make right career choice.
October 10, 2020 | 07:44
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ILO Career Guidance Package and Mobile Phone Application debuts
ILO Career Guidance Package and Mobile Phone Application named “ILO-Huong nghiep”. Source: ILO

To narrow the gap between traditional training and the rapid changes of technology in the context of I.R 4.0, a mobile phone application is created based on the Career Guidance Package for ages 14 to 19 developed by the ILO from Garner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences to help students to discover their own interests, aptitude, and potentials.

Also, the students will understand the world of work to prepare for the career path development as well as find a suitable direction after high school. This tool also help to gather opinions, engage the parents and save their time in this crucial process.

However, this tool is best used with the career guidance teachers to provide the most suitable choices for students in their conditions. In the next development phases, the application will be improved with new features and updated contents.

Through the mobile application, users will be allowed to create an account using their email or telephone number. This in order to being able to use the multiple-choice tests, developed by the Career Guidance and Counselling Working Group under the Project.

The tests are designed to help users understand their interests, aptitudes and potential to succeed in the Labour Market. After undertaking the mobile test, the application will send a notice to the email of the users indicating their results and advising on career alternatives.

Users are invited to maintain their account and come back to re-take the tests in the future if they wish to reassess their skills, in cases where they are looking for a career change or find themselves in any type of labour market transition period.

The mobile application is also expected to provide students with enough information to understand the world of the work and with the tools to prepare a career plan by and for themselves.

ILO Career Guidance Package and Mobile Phone Application debuts
The mobile phone application is now available in Apple Store and going to be available in Google Store in upcoming days.

The ceremony was initiated by an opening remarks of Valentina Barcucci, Labour Economist of ILO/CO-Hanoi.

The Counsellor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Vietnam Ivan Nesterov, representatives of national constituents, universities, schools, NGOs, and enterprises participated in the launching event.

Speaking at the event, Barcucci mentioned the Lenin’s famous note of “Study, Study and Study Again” about 100 years ago which has been used by generations not only in the Russian Federation but also in Vietnam, in order to motivate people to study in any situation, and the importance of career guidance for youth to choose a suitable education pathway as well as a career path.

On the occasion, representatives of the Russian Embassy, ILO, and partners signed the Minute on disseminating ILO career guidance package and mobile phone application, so that other organizations could use, develop and customize the career guidance tools for their activities implementation.

The mobile phone application of The Career Guidance Package was carried out within the framework of the “Applying the G20 Training Strategy in Vietnam: A partnership of the ILO and the Russian Federation (Phase 2)”./.

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