International Students Cultivate Vietnam-Russia Ties

Homeland students abroad help introduce Vietnamese culture in Russia.
June 24, 2024 | 11:26
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Not only making efforts to study and improve professional knowledge, Vietnamese international students at Russian Tyumen State University (UTMN) also actively participate in extracurricular activities held by the school and relevant organizations.

Nguyen Quang Hai, PhD student majoring in Mathematics at UTMN, chairman of the Association of Foreign Students at Tyumen National University (AIS UTMN) with the role of organizer and supervisor of extracurricular activities of foreign students.

International Students Cultivate Vietnam-Russia Ties
The creativity of Vietnamese students and their desire to popularize the nation and people of Vietnam to their peers from other countries.

AIS UTMN regularly hosts extracurricular and educational activities for more than 2,000 foreign students studying at the university.

It is not only a place to connect the foreign student community in Tyumen, but also support and assist new students adapt to the new environment during their time at the university through a "Buddy” project.

In the 2023-2024 school year, under the role of a Vietnamese leader, AIS UTMN has organized more than 30 super attractive events, festivals, and activities for students, helping international students bond and integrate into the local community.

In particular, major activities attract not only students but also Tyumen's people to participate, especially, the multicultural festival titled "CultFest" which is recognized as one of the best cultural integration activities in Russia.

Vietnamese students at Tyumen have made high achievements in cross-cultural integration activities, affirming their talent in the international arena.

The enthusiastic participation of young people has strengthened the friendship and mutual understanding between international students and Russian peers.

International Students Cultivate Vietnam-Russia Ties
Vietnamese students participate in volunteer activities.

Recently, AIS UTMN coordinated with the Russian oil and gas corporation SIBUR to organize a purposeful volunteer activity called "Green Formula" for students in the suburb of Aromashesky.

Participating in the activity were 5 Vietnamese students and more than 60 volunteers who joined hands to plant hundreds of young pine trees, contributing to greening the vacant land and creating more lush scenery.

Despite the hot weather, with eagerness and passion for the environment, the international students still enthusiastically participated in planting each tree.

The bright smiles, and the drops of sweat, all created a beautiful picture of youth full of spirited responsibility.

The volunteer program was not only an opportunity for students to join hands to protect the environment but also a chance to bond with love and spread a meaningful message about protecting the green planet to the community.

The image of Vietnamese youth wearing blue shirts doing volunteer activities has created a beautiful impression, contributing to preserving and promoting good traditions and the bond between Vietnam and Russia.

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