Joe Biden becomes the hottest topic on Chinese social media platforms

Posts about the president-elect Joe Biden have garnered huge attention from Chinese social media users.
November 09, 2020 | 10:22
world leaders congratulate joe biden for election victory World leaders congratulate Joe Biden for election victory
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trump and biden confront in the final presidential debate Trump and Biden confront in the final presidential debate

As of Sunday afternoon, posts about the president-elect Joe Biden on Weibo had attracted more than 730 million views, while Tencent’s WeChat Moments – similar to Facebook’s Timeline – was equally busy, South China Morning Post reported.

“Everyone cares about the US election so much, but I don’t even know who is the mayor of Shanghai”, one Weibo user said.

Many of the comments on the platform also mentioned the possibility of Donald Trump – who has yet to concede defeat – refusing to leave the White House.

“When Biden enters the White House next January, he will face a series of unprecedented challenges: how to carry Trump out of the White House”, another Weibo user said.

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Chinese social media users had plenty to say about the US presidential election. Photo: AFP

Chinese state media have also hosted Weibo topics, many of them concentrated on the potential uncertainty post-election in the US.

One hosted by Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily with the title “The emotions of US voters are heavily divided” had garnered more than 81 million views by Sunday afternoon.

Another, hosted by state broadcaster CCTV about Trump supporters protesting with guns had received 140 million views.

A CCTV post under the topic showed supporters of the two candidates facing off in Pennsylvania, a swing state that was declared a win for Biden.

Trump may say: the emperor never abolished the queen, I’m still a queen,” a Weibo user said, in reference to the popular television drama series Empresses in the Palace in which two of the characters compete to be China’s most powerful woman.

“This is the democratic ‘troubleshooting’ mechanism. Once you find that the train is on the wrong track, you can change the driver”, Zhang Dingding, an internet industry commentator, said on WeChat about Biden’s victory.

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Biden delivered victory speech on November 7 Photo: Reuters.

But others urged people to be cautious before jumping to a decision about the new U.S leader.

“Many people are ridiculing Trump and praising Biden … but we don’t know Biden’s policies and position on China,” a Weibo user said. “What if after a year we find he is even worse than Trump?”

Mei Xinyu, a researcher at China’s commerce ministry, said on WeChat: “It is a victory for Biden, not a victory for China. From a long-term perspective, it is possible that it even won’t be a victory for the US … Calm down, observe, and think.”

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