Medicine University Hospital opens rooms to serve foreigners

Specific experts and lecturers of the Medicine University will provide examination and diagnosis to patients.
September 27, 2017 | 11:19

Starting on September 28, the Medicine University Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City's District 5 will open examination rooms to exclusively serve foreign patients to meet the rising demand.

The special rooms also open for local patients who request for the service.

The rooms are located in the Section A on the seventh floor of the hospital, comprising one room for general medical check-up and one for specific examination.

Examination, diagnosis and initiative testing will be carried out in the general medical check-up to save patients' time.

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A foreign lady consulting Vietnamese doctor (source: SGGP)

The front-desk staff are fluent communicators in English, Chinese, Korean and Cambodian.

Hospital Deputy Director Dr. Truong Quang Binh said that with the vision to become a leading hospital in Vietnam, hospital managers always take heed to patients' demand and taking care of local and foreigns' health.

The qualified hospital strives to get international accreditation and certification to gain patients’ trust, he added.

The opening of a general-practice room in a famous and state-of-the-art hospital with high quality standard will facilitate and save time and cost for patients.

This is also new progress in improving service and management for patients' satisfaction.

With a growing number of medical tourists who combine travel with medical care coming to HCM City in recent years, lucrative medical tourism needs concerted efforts by various official agencies and travel firms to realise its huge potential.

Around 15,000 foreigners arrive at hospitals in HCM.City for examination annually and more than 1,000 of them are inpatients.

Cardiology, Digestion, Neurology, Traditional medicine, Cosmetic Surgeries and Skin care are among the top medical department that attract foreigner patients ./.


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