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08:30 | 15/04/2020

The so-called “Miss Google” whose voice used in Vietnamese Google services has unexpectedly made her first public appearance on social media Sunday, after years of staying anonymous.

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miss google in vietnam
Thi Giang, the Vietnamese voice-over actress for Google, is also an MC and editor for a cable TV in Vietnam (Photo: DanTri)

The voice-over actress for the text to speech voice reader and Google Assistant in Vietnamese is Thi Giang, who works as an MC and editor at SCTV cable TV station, according to Dan Tri.

She appeared in a selfie with Vietnamese comedian Lam Vy Da posted on Da’s Facebook account April 12.

“Look, folks, I’m with the legendary Miss Google! She has single eyelids like me”, Da captioned her photo with Vietnamese “Miss Google”.

miss google in vietnam
Miss Google (left) in the selfie with Lam Vy Da, which was posted on social media (Photo courtesy of Lam Vy Da via Dan Tri)

The post has sparked excitement and received thousands of comments. Some asking if she is the real “Miss Google”, others exclaiming in delight, or praising her beauty.

Dan Tri reported that the comedian met Giang at an advertisement shooting day. This was also her first encounter with “Miss Google”.

miss google in vietnam
Miss Google is a beautiful woman. Photo: Facebook
miss google in vietnam
Photo: Facebook
miss google in vietnam
Photo: Facebook
miss google in vietnam
Photo: Facebook

With the ubiquitous of the Internet and tech gadgets, most Vietnamese are now familiar with Google services, such as Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Assistant. While the clear pronunciation, deep, loud female voice over texts on Google is as familiar as an oath, the voice-over actress’s identity has never been known. Some people even questioned if the voice is programmed.

Earlier in 2018, one girl used to take Vietnamese netizens by storm with her imitation of Miss Google’s voice. The 20-year-old girl, known as Nguyen Viet Phuong Thoa uploaded the imitation video on Facebook and received good reactions from Internet users, Phu Nu News reported.

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