Must-try experience in Quang Ninh

Other than the iconic Ha Long Bay, the northern province of Quang Ninh has a lot more on offer. If you are planning on a visit to Quang Ninh, the experiences mentioned below are worth-exploring ones any travel lovers should never miss.
November 17, 2020 | 15:29
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Visit Ha Long International Cruise Port

The cruise tourists are from various countries in America, Europe, and Asia. They are scheduled to visit Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO-recognised World Natural Heritage Site, and take a city tour to places of interest in Ha Long City, before casting off towards Hong Kong (China).

The cruise tourists are from various countries in America, Europe, and Asia. They are scheduled to visit Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO-recognised World Natural Heritage Site, and take a city tour to places of interest in Ha Long City, before casting off towards Hong Kong (China), according to Nhan Dan online.

The five-star fleet offers cruise trips to Asian countries including Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong (China), China, and Japan.

Spending time at Quang Ninh Museum

The Museum - Quang Ninh Library is a unique architectural art. Just seen from outside but there are many young people who have to exclaim "wow"! From the very high stairs to the dark glass as a giant mirror reflecting the image of the sky in Ha Long to the front with the impressive ‘Museum’, just 2 of them is enough for you to capture a dozen stunning photos.

The main space of the Museum consists of 3 floors, outlines the most basic and characteristic features of the land of Quang Ninh in both space and time, from ancient to present, from mountainous to delta or the sea with the present with a high value of science. Whether it's a museum, but the layout, design, color - everything is very modern and perfect to become a destination to attract young people.

Along with that, the space is so beautiful and spacious, never lacking in light. With black outside, white is the main color for the interior space to highlight the exhibits. The first floor is the space of the sea and nature. The unique feature of the first floor is the four columns showing the mountain tube covered with fabric bearing the image of the rocky mountains of Ha Long Bay, combined with the light show the effect of seawater so visitors feel like strolling around the majestic Bay.

The facade of Quang Ninh museum (Photo: Bao Quang Ninh)
The facade of Quang Ninh museum (Photo: Bao Quang Ninh)

The second floor has many unique exhibits. With a similar design to a boat, the first room is the place to display the archaeological artifacts of the prehistoric, prehistoric to modern times - sketching the image of a much turbulent Quang Ninh.

On the third floor, visitors will be able to visit the space displaying the economic achievements, cultural identity of the peoples of Quang Ninh province; images of Uncle Ho visit and work in Quang Ninh; The objects used in mining activities, especially the coal industry through the simulation of the coal mining system with wooden columns, trusses, trailers ... to help viewers have the actual experiences about this industry, according to Wyndham Legend Halong.

Get a blast with water-based activities

The immense water surface in Ha Long is home to a number of water sports such as rafting, kayaking, and swimming. Tourists who love adventures can try water motor driving or parachute-pulled canoeing offered on Bai Chay or Tuan Chau beach. While the high speed of the water motors brings about thrilling moments, a parachute-pulled canoe tour gives tourists a birds-eye view of the spectacular scenery of the bay below.

For those wishing to spend more time sightseeing and discovering the bay by themselves, kayaking is surely the perfect choice. The most impressive moment is when the kayak began moving into the cave. The further one goes inside, the darker and cooler it is. The cave is filled with falling stalactites, and sometimes, one has to crouch down in the boat to avoid hitting his head on them.

4812 hl
Kayaking in Ha Long (Photo: Travel Mag)

The spacious underwater world in Ha Long with diversified marine creatures is a paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving. The period from April to December, when the temperature of water ranges from 26-29 degrees Celsius, is the best time for these kinds of sport. Just put on scuba glasses, diving fins, scuba cylinder, and then jump into the water, a wonderful ocean world would instantly be opening in front of tourists’ eyes. Thousands of splendid corals such as sun mushroom, leather or stag-horn, and colorful fishes such as sergeant major or Clark’s anemone would definitely amaze anyone. In addition, internationally- licensed and friendly scuba divers and assistants promise safe dive and unforgettable experience to tourists, as reported by Vietnam Online.

Find respite in Yen Tu pagoda

Yen Tu Pagoda is a complex of pagodas in the mountain of Yen Tu in Quang Ninh Province; 14km from Mao Khe Town, 60km from Halong City, and 110km from Hanoi.

Yen Tu Pagoda is associated with King Tran Nhan Tong (1258-1308) who was the 3rd king of the Tran Family. After successfully driving the invaders out of the kingdom, he resigned and still helped to train his son (King Tran Anh Tong ) to rule the Kingdom. In October 1299, the successor king was capable of handling the kingdom well and the country was at peace; Tran Nhan Tong gave up the mundane world and went to Yen Tu Mountain practice as a Buddhist monk. In the mountain of Yen Tu, Tran Nhan Tong started Thien Phai Truc Lam which is Zen Buddhism in Vietnam.

5011 yentu
(Photo: Viettravel)

Nowadays, visiting the pagodas and mountains of Yen Tu, we'll hike on the stone steps, the uneven path, the vertically steep rocky path to the top of the mountain which is 1,068m in elevation and which is covered in cloud all year round. A good adventure traveller may complete the round trip up and down in 6-7 hours on a dry day. Alternatively, you can go up and down the mountain by cable car which should take 2-3 hours. If you'd like to try yourself into the spiritual world of the Yen Tu Mountain, please contact Paradissa for further details, according to Para Dissa.

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