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New app encouraged in Vietnam to discover Covid-19 cases

August 10, 2020 | 15:07

People are being encouraged to install Bluezone, a newly breakthrough app so they can receive warnings if they are exposed to Covid-19 positive cases. 

vietnam has successfully developed covid 19 test kit technology Vietnam has successfully developed Covid-19 test kit technology
technology skills of vietnam ranks second in asia pacific Technology skills of Vietnam ranks second in Asia Pacific
vietnam enterprise science and technology association to donate 1000 test kits worth us 42000 to vufo Vietnam Enterprise Science and Technology Association to donate 1,000 test kits worth US$42,000 to VUFO

hcm citys oldest zoo incurs us 861000 in loss due to covid 19 calling for donation HCM City’s oldest zoo incurs $US 861,000 in loss due to Covid-19, calling for donation

With the sharp decline in the number of visitors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 156-year-old Saigon Zoo has lost VND100 million (US$ 4,304) a ...

singapore trials pilotless drones for social distancing monitoring amidst covid 19 pandemic Singapore trials pilotless drones for social distancing monitoring amidst Covid-19 pandemic

Singapore’s police have been trialling two pilotless drones developed by Israel’s Airobotics to help enforce social distancing measures aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19.

when covid 19 comes to an end When Covid-19 comes to an end?

Although scientists are racing to find a cure for the virus, there's a chance COVID-19 will never fully go away — with or without a ...

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