Painting contest marks Vietnam-Cuba ties for children across HCMC

The Ho Chi Minh City Union of Friendship Organisations (HUFO) just launched a painting contest for children to mark the 60th anniversary of Vietnam-Cuba diplomatic ties (December 2, 1960 – 2020) and 30 years of establishment of the city's Vietnam - Cuba Friendship Association.
September 29, 2020 | 08:32
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Painting contest marks Vietnam Cuba ties for children across HCMC
Truong Thi Hien, Chairwoman of the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Association in HCM City speaks at the launching ceremony. Photo: HUFO

According to Truong Thi Hien, Chairwoman of the Vietnam – Cuba Friendship Association in HCMC, the contest is to provide an opportunity for students to learn more about the special traditional friendship between Vietnam and Cuba as well as the land and people of Cuba.

Children aged from 7-14 who are studying at primary and secondary schools, and art training centres across the city are eligible to participate in the event, she said. Each of the educational institutions can send at least 10 entries to the competition.

The works should focus on the loyal friendship between Vietnam and Cuba, as well as Cuban President Fidel Castro and his relationship with President Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese country and people.

They must come in size 60cm x 40cm and have not been published on newspapers, magazines or mass media.

There will be a first prize worth 1 million VND (42.08 USD), two second prizes (each worth 700,000 VND or 30.2 USD), three third prizes (500,000 VND or 21.57 USD), and 10 consolidation prizes (300,000 VND or 12.94 USD), for individuals.

In the collective category, there will be a first prize valued at 1.5 million VND (64,7 USD), one second prize (1 million VND) and one third prize (500,000 VND).

Outstanding works will be exhibited nationwide.

The entries should be submitted to the organisers before October 15. The award ceremony is expected to be held on October 31 in the city.

Painting contest marks Vietnam Cuba ties for children across HCMC
Children at the launching ceremony. Photo: HUFO

Over the past time, the HUFO and the city’s Vietnam – Cuba Friendship Association have coordinated with the Cuban Consulate General to hold major events for Cuba and various friendship exchanges and cooperation between the two countries’ people.

These activities have attracted a large number of students and the people of the city, contributing to fostering the special traditional friendship between the two countries.

In April, the HUFO and the city’s Vietnam – Cuba Friendship Association also granted funding to support Cuban citizens in the southern city in lessening the impact of COVID-19.

The central Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Association and the club of Vietnamese alumni once studied in Cuba in April also started a campaign and raised over VND 1.57 billion (USD 66,000) to help Cuba in the fight against the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic.

Cuba, in return, also sent medicine and health experts to share their experience in the control of the new strain of the coronavirus and in vaccine research with Vietnam.

Just last week, another painting competition was launched in Hanoi by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee, to celebrate Vietnam-Cuba diplomatic relations./.

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