Russian, Vietnamese Students Celebrate "The Journey of Youth"

In Moscow, Russia, a group of Vietnamese students named "Vietnam-Russia, Arms in Arms" organized the music night, entitled "The Journey of Youth," on September 25, to promote culture and raise funds for charity. The program attracts hundreds of Vietnamese and Russian students.
September 28, 2022 | 06:09

The performance was carefully and thoughtfully choreographed, all under a eye-catching lighting system. Outside the stage, the Organizing Committee also arranged a food corner to serve the audience and a souvenir shop to raise funds.

Performances at the event were performed by Vietnamese students in Russia. They showed a confident and approachable demeanor, taking the audience through the emotions of love, hate, anger, and love of youth.

Through each song, the organizers and young singers want to tell listeners that young people should be strong, and ready to try and conquer new paths in Russia.

Russian, Vietnamese Students Celebrate
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Viet Cuong, a student from the Plekhanov University of Economics, performed two rap repertoires. He thanked the program for creating opportunities for young people to confidently express themselves, bringing a joyful atmosphere to start the new school year. According to Viet Cuong, everyone has tried very hard to create the most successful event ever.

Tran Thi Van Anh, Head of the Organizing Committee emphasized that this event aims to introduce Vietnamese culture and art to international friends. "The Journey of Youth" creates a healthy and rewarding environment for Vietnamese international students in Russia and kicks off the spirit of excitement for students to start a new school year.

Russian, Vietnamese Students Celebrate
A performance in the concert. Photo:

More importantly, according to the representative of the group "Vietnam-Russia, Arms in Arms," the concert also aims to raise funds for the group to continue its charity activities in Vietnam and Russia in the future.

This group wants to focus more on charity and volunteering activities in Russia, strengthen cultural exchange activities in Russia, and help the people of the two countries better understand each other.

"Vietnam-Russia, Arms in Arms" offers a warm glimpse of home for Vietnamese students in Russia, especially those who love cultural and charity activities. This organization is still continuing to show its efforts to diversify cultural and social activities after many volunteer programs that have made their mark in the 5 years since its establishment on December 9, 2017.

Russian, Vietnamese Students Celebrate
The concert attracted a large audience. Photo:

Expressing thanks for the support of the Vietnamese community in Russia over the past time, this organization believes that the community's contributions, whether small or large, to their activities, are always a great motivation. They are gradually getting stronger on the path of spreading kindness among people and contributing to changing lives for the better.

The efforts of this organization are continuing to beautify the image of Vietnamese students who are dynamic, confident, and interested in socio-cultural activities, as well as those who are volunteering in Russia.

This program is expected to create more motivation to encourage Vietnamese student associations in Russia to actively promote more social activities, help promote Vietnamese culture and enhance understanding between the two peoples.

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