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Successful Vietnamese Americans head their heart to homecountry

08:36 | 23/03/2020

The S-shaped country always holds a special place in the heart of three Vietnamese descendants who made a name in the States. 

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successful vietnamese ameicans head their heart to homecountry
Billionaire Chinh Chu and his family

Billionaire Chinh Chu - richest Vietnamese worldwide

Billionaire Chinh Chu was born in 1966, emigrated to the US with his family at the age of 9. Chu started his career on Wall Street after graduating with a Bachelor of Finance at Buffalo University, a public school in New York (USA), and made his name for various M&A deals that worth millions of USD.

Chinh Chu's total assets are over 2 billion dollars and has currently usurped Hoang Kieu in the position of the richest Vietnamese in the world.

Great success in career aside, Chu is also known as the husband of Ha Phuong – a singer in pop-star family with two sisters Cam Ly and Minh Tuyet - famous singers also. The marriage helped Phuong enter the list of the richest Vietnamese in the world.

Chu and Phuong always head their hearts toward their home country regardless of how rich and famous they are. The folk music singer Phuong has, with the support of her husband, founded the Ha Phuong Foundation and Vietnam Real Effort targeting those dreaming of becoming an artist but were hindered by disadvantaged backgrounds or disability.

Nick Ut – AP’s talented war correspondent

successful vietnamese ameicans head their heart to homecountry
Nick Ut and the photo "Napalm Girl"

Nick Ut and the photo “Napalm Girl” taken in 1972 have become an unforgettable symbol when it comes to the brutality of the Vietnam war. Nick Ut, whose real name is Huynh Cong Ut, was born in 1951 in Long An Province. He is now a war correspondent of the AP news agency (the US). The photo was taken in Trang Bang, Tay Ninh, during a napalm bombardment of the US army.

The photo "Little Napalm" has shocked international opinion, is believed to have changed the views about the Vietnam war. The photo also won photographer Nick Ut the 1973’s Pulitzer Prize.

The British magazine New Statesman in 2010 voted "Napalm Girl" the most impressive photo of all time. “Napalm Girl” also presented many other prestigious awards around the world.

Nick Ut has never failed to show his love to the S-shaped country, Vietnamese people and his obsessions about the unjust war in Vietnam, every time he returns Vietnam. That “Napalm Girl” was taken when Nick Ut was an American citizen did not stop him from condemning the unwarranted Vietnam war through realistic photos.

Notwithstanding being a household name in the international press, Nick Ut still takes deep pride in the S-shaped country and being a Vietnamese national as well.

Tran Dong Lan, Lan Condor - Hollywood actress

successful vietnamese ameicans head their heart to homecountry
Lana Condor

Lana Condor was born in 1997 in Can Tho. The 4-month-old little was adopted by a wealthy, educated family and moved to the US. Her adoptive father is a celebrated journalist in the States who had won the prestigious Pulitzer prize several times. The favorable family background has granted Lana the opportunity to study at prestigious art schools in the US. She is now a rising star in the country, starring in a series of Hollywood movies like X-men Apocalypse, Patriots day or To all the boys I've loved before, to name a few.

“My parents love putting on Vietnamese traditional costumes on the heritage day at school. They encourage me to eat Vietnamese food to get to know more about my roots”, said Lana. “I’m so proud of the land I was born in”.

Last December 9, Lana returned Vietnam for the first time as a guest in Room To Read, together with the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, to share about gender equality and education for girls.

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Translated by Le Hang