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The antique beauty of Emperor Tu Duc's Tomb through international lenses

Valerie Mai Valerie Mai


July 27, 2020 | 11:50

Located in Hue province, the Tomb of Tu Duc is one of the most popular tourist attractions amongst royal mausoleums in Hue citadel. Through the lenses of international photographers, the Tomb of Tu Duc - the Tomb of Modesty - appears with majestic and solemn beauty.

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0437 capture
The scene at Luu Khiem lake of Tu Duc mausoleum, one of the most famous mausoleums in Hue. (Photo: Paul Robinson)
0444 capture1
Xung Khiem Ta (House for sightseeing), a beautiful architecture locates by Luu Khiem lake. (Photo: Rudi Niranjan)
0447 capture2
The majesty and solemn of the Tu Duc tombstone. (Photo: Jacques-Etienne Grandjean)
0453 capture3
A close-up view of the stele house, where the Khiem Cung Ky stele is kept (the stele records the process of building Tu Duc tomb and Emperor Tu Duc's thoughts for the country). (Photo: Eduardo Teixeira de Sousa)
0456 capture4
A huge sign in the front yard of the stele house. (Photo: Jacques-Etienne Grandjean)
0500 capture5
The imprint of time. (Photo: Roland W. Kunz)
0504 capture6
Behind the doors of the impregnated area. (Photo: Pierre Amiand)
0506 capture7
Hoa Khiem Palace, where Emperor Tu Duc worked whenever he came to the tomb during his lifetime. (Photo: Horned-Cauldron David)
0509 capture8
Outside Buu Thanh, the wall surrounding the tomb. (Photo: Jagabanta Ningthoujam)
0512 capture9
The copper gate of the tomb is beautifully decorated with blue and green ceramics. (Photo: Massimo Lama)
0516 capture10
Moss on a stone wall in the resting place of Emperor Tu Duc. (Photo: Roland W. Kunz)
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Valerie Mai

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