The stunning yellow carpet of wild sunflowers in the Central Highlands

If you come to the Central Highlands from October to November, you will be immersed in the yellow carpet of wild sunflowers. Wild sunflowers bloom everywhere, covering the roadsides, along slopes and mountain passes.
September 09, 2020 | 06:58
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Wild sunflowers start blooming when the dry season comes in the Central Highlands. It is also the best time to visit the Central Highlands to see romantic landscape of the green highland and above all is to wallow in the radiant yellow color of wild sunflowers.

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To make a small comparison between wild sunflower and sunflower, it is easy to realize that wild sunflower is not as big as sunflower, however, it brings such a warmth in the cool the Central Highlands climate that tourists cannot help being moved.

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Photo: Gody

Perhaps the typical yellowness of wild sunflower is at its best beauty in the early morning, when the winter sunlight just comes out, shines through tree leaves, reflects dewdrop remaining on leaves and petals.

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The strong and wild sunflower lives and grows resiliently. Tourists can easily catch the sight of brilliant yellow flowers everywhere in the Central Highlands. October comes signing the blooming season of wild sunflowers.

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If you have chance to visit The Central Highlands in early November, you should not miss the wild sunflower festival in Chu Dang Ya, one of the world’s best landscapes.

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In case, you do not have time to travel to the Central Highlands, Ba Vi National Park which is about 60 kilometers far from Hanoi, is also an alternative option for you to enjoy the beauty of the wild sunflower.

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Photo: Thomas Ba
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Photo: Thomas Ba
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