Top 5 Lunch Spots in Ho Chi Minh City

A treat for your eyes and your taste buds! Here are some of the most luxurious restaurants you can try when in Ho Chi Minh City.
October 15, 2022 | 09:55

These five restaurants are the best choices for datings or important meetings. The top list is evaluated based on the five following criteria: location, space and atmosphere, extensive menu, food quality, and customer service.


Sky28 is located on the 28th floor of a building in the center of District 1. This place is one of the top dining spots with a beautiful view. Standing here, customers can see the whole city at a glance.

The restaurant’s space is decorated with soft lights, bringing an elegant and cozy atmosphere for diners. The large glass windows are the highlight of the luxury, which makes the whole scene airier. Tables and chairs are arranged appropriately, with many seats for individuals, small groups, or large ones.

Photo: @roskallim/ Instagram
Photo: @roskallim/ Instagram

With the set lunch menu prices at VND188.000 (US$7.79) per person, diners can enjoy an appetizer with shrimp, pork salad, or pumpkin soup. The main course is very diverse, including Hainanese chicken rice, fried noodles, pan-fried noodles, Laksa noodle soup, spaghetti, and Szechuan stir-fried chicken. Dessert is fresh seasonal fruits.

You can also choose a set meal including a main dish and dessert for only VND168.000 (US$6.96) per person. The restaurant also has a special vegetarian menu for guests who love plant-based dishes.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: @baro.Instagram

In general, the lunch dishes feature Chinese and Singaporean cuisine with good taste and presentation.

Service quality is only relatively good as sometimes the staff lacks attention to the needs of guests.

Address: Le Loi Street, District 1

Lunchtime: 11:30 am-2:30 pm (from Monday to Friday)

Price: From VND168,000 (US$6.96) per person

Overall rating: 4/5

Black Vinegar

Black Vinegar is located on the first floor of a five-star hotel.

This restaurant has a modern design with light wood furniture, delicate decor, and comfortable seating. In addition, Black Vinegar has an open space that is divided into separate areas.

Photo: @blackvinegar.saigon/ Instagram
Photo: @blackvinegar.saigon/ Instagram

Guests can enjoy drinks and fresh seafood at the Crudo counter, dining in the main dining rooms, or in the cozy private rooms.

With the lunch set, guests can choose from six dishes. For appetizers, cucumber salad, leaf salad, jellyfish salad, or soup consisting of mushrooms and cordyceps can be served. Steamed dishes include dumplings, shumai with shrimp eggs, or steamed chicken feet with soy sauce and peanuts. In addition, stir-fried and grilled dishes, rice, noodles, vegetable dishes, and desserts contribute to a full-fledged meal.

Photo: @blackvinegar.saigon/ Instagram
Photo: @blackvinegar.saigon/ Instagram

Black Vinegar cuisine is an exquisite blend of flavors, paired with unique Cantonese culture and style. The service quality is good.

Address: Le Lai Street, District 1

Lunchtime: 11:30 am - 3:00 pm

Price: From VND490,000 VND (US$20.3)/ 2 people

Overall rating: 5/5

C'est La Vie Restaurant

C'est La Vie Restaurant is located on the second floor of Mai House Saigon Hotel.

The restaurant has elegant Indochinese architecture with luxury interiors.

Photo: @cestlaviesaigon/ Instagram
Photo: @cestlaviesaigon/ Instagram

The appetizers include dishes such as sardines salad, chilled cucumber melon soup, black tiger shrimp, cheese bread, dried cherry tomatoes, eggplant salsa with lemon sauce, and papaya salad. The main dishes are outstanding with Cha Ca La Vong, slow-cooker herbed chicken, etc. Desserts include pumpkin cake, pineapple cake, or seasonal fruit.

Photo: @cestlaviesaigon/ Instagram
Photo: @cestlaviesaigon/ Instagram

The lunch menu for October is specially designed by the chef to bring the flavor of autumn into each food item. Halloween-style desserts are the highlight of the meal.

In general, the food quality is quite good but the price is quite high.

Address: Ngo Thoi Nhiem Street, District 3

Lunchtime: 11:30am-14:30pm

Price: From VND300,000 (US$12.43) per person.

Overall rating: 4/5

Carpaccio - Italian Restaurant

Carpaccio owns two branches, both in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

The restaurant space is designed in European style. The whole scene exudes luxury, warmth, and Italian character.

Photo: @ruahaman/ Instagram
Photo: @ruahaman/ Instagram

The lunch set costs VND250.000 (US$10.36) per person, including a starter, main course, and dessert. You can start with tuna salad, potato&carrot soup, or garlic bread. The main course includes spaghetti with cream sauce, beef noodles, grilled chicken breast with lemon sauce, and spicy sausage pizza. Chocolate biscuits are a dessert not to be missed.

Photo: @97lilia.h_/ Instagram
Photo: @97lilia.h_/ Instagram

In Carpaccio, you can have lunch with the typical taste of Italian cuisine and the food quality is relatively good. The dishes are presented simply with harmonious colors. Especially, traditional pizzas and pasta are handmade. This restaurant has pleasant staff and good service.

Address: 79 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1

Lunchtime: 11 am-2 pm

Price: From VND250.000 (US$10.36) per person

Overall rating: 4/5

Dompéri Restaurant

Dompéri is a new restaurant that opened in September, located in a quiet and easy-to-find area.

The restaurant, overlooking the poetic Ba Son port, has luxury space but a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

This place serves lunch sets with prices from VND150.000 (US$6.21). In addition, the lunch menu also has cuisines with strange flavors such as Hayashi burgers, eggs, curry, and cheese.

In general, the food tastes of European cuisine. The servings are filling and nutritious. Moreover, the food presentation stimulates the taste buds with careful servers.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Address: Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Binh Thanh District

Lunchtime: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm

Price: From VND150,000 (US$6.21) per person

Overall rating: 4/5

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