Unforgettable Days in Israel

“From the very first encounter, the Israeli character radiates a profound sense of belonging, coupled with a humble and unassuming demeanor, creating a welcoming and inclusive ambiance”. Herein lie the reflections of Madam Dang Tu Anh, the Spouse of the former Vietnamese Ambassador to Israel Do Minh Hung.
November 22, 2023 | 14:55
Unforgettable Days in Israel
Dang Tu Anh (left) with Israeli and international friends on a trip to learn about Israeli culture and history organized by the International Women's Association in Israel.

We met Madam Dang Tu Anh in Hanoi on a beautiful sunny day in July. She gently recounted her experiences with the country and people of Israel:

In the spring of 2019, my husband and I relocated to Israel for our diplomatic assignment. After about 20 hours of flying, we set foot in Tel Aviv (a city in Israel). My first impression was that the scenery and climate resembled Vietnam. In the enchanting embrace of early spring, Tel Aviv welcomed a gentle zephyr, tenderly caressing its plum blossoms with a delicate drizzle of springtime in early spring had a cool breeze. In the intriguing blend, the urban landscape showcased a harmonious coexistence of contemporary skyscrapers intermingled with ancient, moss-kissed alleyways.

In our subsequent rendezvous with our Israeli friends, they always gracefully expressed their profound adoration and affection for Vietnam. The love for Vietnam among these Israeli friends stemmed from their respect for Vietnam's historical struggle for independence, nurtured and developed until today when they have come to know a beautiful and culturally rich Vietnam, a dynamically developing country, and the warm, friendly, and hospitable people of Vietnam.

In Israel, Cultural exchange and international promotion activities in Israel were often organized by the DSI (Diplomatic Spouses Club in Israel) or IWC (International Women's Club in Israel). Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, events continued to be held regularly through Zoom, with many members participating.

If you don't speak Hebrew, you won't face significant difficulties living and working in Israel because the majority of Israelis can use English at various levels. However, like in other countries, to truly integrate into the lives of the local people and gain a deeper understanding of Israel, learning Hebrew will definitely provide you with more rewarding experiences

Diplomatic spouses at the Embassy of Vietnam always strived to create channels of connection and dialogue between our two cultures, transcending geographical distances and building positive relationships with our Israeli friends through various diverse and locally relevant forms such as culinary events, traditional costume showcases, music, Vietnamese film screenings, and more. We prepared cultural knowledge quizzes about Vietnam. This approach sparked the interest of those who would like to know more about Vietnam, and those who had known about Vietnam to show their talents.

Unforgettable Days in Israel
Visit Vietnamese agricultural trainees at AICAT Center, Southern Israel.

Vietnamese cuisine also played a significant role in international cultural exchange events. Traditional Vietnamese dishes like pho, vegetarian spring rolls, various vegetarian salads, and banh cuon (Vietnamese steamed rice pancake) were often selected to introduce to our Israeli friends. Some of them were initially hesitant when they first encountered the dishes, even though all the main ingredients were carefully noted. At such times, we approached them and explained to them that the ingredients of the dishes were carefully chosen to be in line with Israeli culture and religion. As a result, they felt comfortable and enjoyed trying the food. Many of them even asked how to prepare these dishes to introduce to their families and friends.

Most of the supermarket shelves in Israel have Vietnamese rice paper products that have become favorites in Israeli households. The similarity between Vietnamese and Israeli cuisine lies in the abundant use of fresh vegetables and herbs in daily meals. In early 2022, we returned to Vietnam after our mission had ended in Israel. I yearn for the meandering alleys and embrace the spirited bustles of Tel Aviv’s intimate quarters, adjourned with each thoroughfare conspiring to allure me towards the shoreline, just as they forever dance amidst the glistening silvers waves.

I miss a Saturday morning, sipping Vietnamese coffee (there is a small coffee shop that serves Vietnamese coffee) at the thousand-year-old Jaffa seaport, listening to the melody of a street artist. It appeared as though he sang with unwavering passion, his voice resonating with echoes of hope and dreams for peace, merging seamlessly with the radiance of sunlight, the caress of the wind, and soaring even higher, boundlessly reaching beyond.

"You may say I am a dreamer!

But I'm not the only one."

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