51-year-old mom digs tunnel to free son from prison

A 51-year-old mother was arrested after she was caught digging a tunnel to free her son from a prison in Ukraine.
August 05, 2020 | 07:36
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A 51-year-old mother has been jailed in Ukraine after attempting to dig an escape tunnel under jail walls so she could free her son, who is serving a life sentence for murder. Photo: Twitter_Police Ukraine

According to Philippine Daily Inquirer, a mother who tried to single-handedly dig her way into a jail in Ukraine to free her murderer son is now facing being locked up herself. The 51-year-old woman, who has not been named, rented a house near the jail in southern Zaporizhia region where her son is serving a life sentence for murder in the facility, as per the TV station TSN via Daily Mail yesterday, Aug 03.

During the time staying in the rented house, the mother created the underground passage and dug a 10-foot-deep tunnel using shovels and pickaxes. The passage ran for 35 feet underground and ended just under the jail walls.

She managed to avoid being seen by staying indoors during the day and only digging at night, as per report. When Ukrainian TV station TSN showed a photo of her to a nearby shopkeeper, he did not recognise her. She got to the start of the tunnel via an electric scooter.

A prison guard later noted that she used “a kind of trolley” and “a piece of plywood with small wheels” to remove the soil she dug up. The mother then dumped the dirt in a nearby vacant garage.

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Tools used in the dig. Photo: Police Ukraine

The Daily Mail reported that, she had dug up over three tons of soil when she was finally arrested three weeks after she began creating the passage. Following her arrest, a local resident speculated that the mother is probably a miner’s daughter.

“To dig three meters deep would be hard enough”, the resident said. “She had no excavator or anything of the kind”.

Police later found hand tools for digging when they searched the mother’s rented home. The report also said the mother is now facing her own jail sentence.

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The tunnel had almost got underneath the prison walls (pictured) when it was discovered, and the woman now faces being locked up as well. Photo: TSN
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