73-Year-Old bodybuilder amazes with her incredible physique on "America's Got Talent"

Josefina Monasterio proved that age is nothing but a number as she walked out in a bikini and impressed judges of "America's Got Talent" show with her athletic physique on Tuesday, June 23.
June 25, 2020 | 11:32
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Monasterio, with actor Terry Crews, said she began weight training in 2005 in Vero Beach at 59 years old on a whim, and it stuck. Photo: talentrecap

Josefina Monasterio, a “73 years young” bodybuilder who is living in Vero Beach, Florida, is a performer on America's Got Talent (AGT) on Tuesday, June 23.

The 74-year-old's "talent" isn't something viewers would expect, though, she said. Monasterio didn't even tell judge Simon Cowell what she would be doing on stage during the audition earlier this year in Pasadena, California.

Josefina Monasterio and Alan Silva defy odds, stereotypes, gravity on 'AGT'. Video: Yahoo Entertainment

"People have to watch to see what happens," Monasterio said, declining to reveal her talent. "The audience could not stop laughing. It's really entertaining", said Monasterio to Tribune News Service.

Shirtless host Terry Crews, a fellow weightlifting enthusiast who played for three NFL teams in 1990s, joined her onstage for a flex-off.

Monasterio began bodybuilding in Vero Beach, Florida, at age 59, winning her first physique competition that year, Treasure Coast Newspapers reported.

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Josefina started bodybuilding when she was 59-years-old. Photo: YouTube

According to Tribune News Service, after emigrating from her hometown of Punta de Mata, Venezuela, Monasterio pursued a master's degree in education at Boston University and worked as a teacher for about a decade. She moved to Florida, received a doctoral degree in the same field from Nova Southeastern University, and has been living in Vero Beach for about 30 years.

She is no stranger to national television, having previously appeared on “The Steve Harvey Show” in January 2019. She hosted her own show, Empowerment, for over 10 years on WWCI TV10, an independent Vero Beach station, airing locally produced programs and news of interest to the Vero Beach community. She partnered with healthypowertv.com in 2011 to produce a 24-episode series called, The Dr. Josefina Way.

She regularly posts workout segments and other videos on nutrition, yoga, and positive thinking on her YouTube channel, which has over 18,000 subscribers, and on Instagram.

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A positive daily life's image of Monasterio. Photo: girlswithmuscle

Monasterio has always loved sharing her story and inspiring other older women, which is what prompted her to audition for America's Got Talent in the first place, she said.

"It's not too late. Just because you turn 40 doesn't mean your life is over; it's really a new beginning," Monasterio said. "I laugh, and I smile every time I think about how I was on the show. It was such a beautiful experience.", quoted The News-Journal, Daytona Beach, Florida.

“I think next year, you’ve just got to come back and do something,” Simon Cowell told her, per Yahoo Entertainment.

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"The age is just a number", said Monasterio. Photo: Monasterio's Facebook

Fun Facts About ‘AGT’s Josefina Monasterio

1. Josefina started bodybuilding later in life.

Josefina Monasterio was born in Venezuela and moved to the United States at 24. Although she’s reportedly been energetic all her life and participated in gymnastics in high school, she didn’t get into bodybuilding until she was 59 years old. She participated in her first competition just six months after she started training, and took home first prize.

2. She’s a life and wellness coach.

Josefina attended Boston University for her master’s degree, and worked as a teacher. She then received a doctorate degree from Nova Southeastern University. She’s a life and wellness coach, and has even written several books, one of which is called Vibrant at Any Age. She posts motivational videos on Instagram and YouTube.

3. Josefina has television experience.

AGT isn’t Josefina’s first time on television. She hosted a show called “Empowerment” for over 10 years on WWCI TV10, a station in Vero Beach, Florida. She also produced a series called “The Dr. Josefina Way” in 2011, and appeared on The Steve Harvey Show last year. She’s clearly comfortable in front of the camera.

4. Josefina Monasterio got to flex with Terry Crews!

Although she’s a bodybuilder, Josefina has said her talent is unexpected, and came as a surprise to the judges. During her audition, she even got to flex with host Terry Crews, much to the audience’s delight.

“It’s not too late. Just because you turn 40 doesn’t mean your life is over; it’s really a new beginning,” Josefina told local news. “I laugh, and I smile every time I think about how I was on the show. It was such a beautiful experience”.

(Source: talentrecap.com)

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One of Monasterio's books listed on Amazon
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