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A partner of Apple and Microsoft to set up US$1 billion high-tech complex in Hai Phong

08:44 | 19/09/2020

Taiwanese tech compamy, Pegatron, one of five biggest manufacturers of electronic components and products and partner of Microsoft, Apple, and Sony plans to invest US$1 billion into Hai Phong

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a partner of apple and microsoft to set up us 1 billion high tech complex in hai phong
Photo: NDH

In a recent report sent to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the Ministry of Planning and Investment said that the Taiwanese tech firm is seeking approval to build three plants that manufacture high-tech products, reported NDH business news website.

Pegatron Vietnam 1 with a total investment of $19 million got investment certificate from Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority on March 17.

The Pegatron Vietnam 2 with a total investment of $481 million is in the stage of implementing investment procedures.

The Pegatron Vietnam 3, which will have a total investment of $500 million, is expected to be implemented between 2026-2027.

The tech firm also plans to move its research and development center to Vietnam from China. It is expected that the time of relocation will coincide with the implementation time of the Pegatron Vietnam project 3.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment’s report said that Pegatron is planning to install its Pegatron 2 in Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park to manufacture equipment such as civil electronics, computers and computer peripherals, communication equipment, electronic components and circuit boards.

The project is expected to create about 22,500 jobs and contribute to the budget revenue of about VND100 billion per year. Project products will be supplied to Microsoft, Sony, Lenovo and Apple.

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