Ao dai festival held in Hanoi with the theme of "Trang An beauty"

At the festival, more than 500 officers, members of the Women's Union in Hanoi, female students ... participated in the parade in colorful ao dai, highlighting the beauty of the elegant woman of the capital.
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On the morning of November 29, at Hoan Kiem lake area, Hanoi Women's Union held an Ao Dai Festival with the theme "Trang An Beauty". (Photo: Hanoimoi)
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This is an activity within the framework of the program "Hanoi connects to develop" directed by the People's Committee of Hanoi, with the aim to honor the value of ao dai - a symbol of Vietnam's beauty. (Photo: Hanoimoi)
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At the festival, more than 500 officials and members of the Women's Union, female students ... participated in the parade in colorful ao dai, highlighting the beauty and elegance of women. (Photo: Hanoimoi)
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The Organizing Committee wishes to spread the love and pride of each woman in Hanoi towards the traditional ao dai, hoping that the value of ao dai will be included in the list of Vietnam's cultural heritage. (Photo: Hanoimoi)
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The President of the Hanoi Women's Union, Ms. Le Kim Anh affirmed that ao dai is always attached to Vietnamese life and is the traditional costume of Vietnamese women. (Photo: Hanoimoi)
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Ao Dai is a long companion of Vietnamese women all over the country and is the representative of Vietnam's beauty in the eyes of foreign friends. The festival is part of a series related to ao dai which has been actively taking place in all provinces nationwide. (Photo: Hanoimoi)
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From urban to rural areas, on the streets or in schools and offices, it is easy to catch sight of Vietnamese women in the charming ao dai. (Photo: Hanoimoi)
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Hanoi girls are proud when wearing the traditional ao dai. (Photo: Hanoimoi)
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