Bang Lang Stork Garden, the largest bird sanctuary in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta

As one of the largest bird sanctuaries in the Mekong Delta, Bang Lang Stork Garden is an ecotourism destination that should not be missed for nature-lovers.
September 14, 2020 | 15:49
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Photo: Nhan Dan

Located in Thoi Thuan Hamlet, Thuan An Ward, in the suburban district of Thot Not in Can Tho City, Bang Lang Stork Garden currently covers an area of over 16.5 hectares. The stork garden doesn’t belong to any official organization or tourism company. Its owner is Nguyen Ngoc Thuyen, known as Bay Thuyen or Bay Co, according to Nhan Dan Newspaper.

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Photo: Nhan Dan

This bird sanctuary is formed in a natural and special way. It used to be a rice field surrounded by bamboo, water coconut trees, and nulgar bamboo. Hundreds of birds began to flock here since 1983 and have proliferated making the garden become the largest bird sanctuaries in theMekong Delta.

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Photo: Nhan Dan

Realizing the important role of this stork garden to nature as well as tourism, Can Tho City re-planned Bang Lang Stork Garden, making it become an eco-tourism area and has officially opened to tourists since April 1997.

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Photo: Nhan Dan

Bang Lang stork garden is home to hundreds of thousands of storks belonging to 20 different species.

According to Mr. Bay Thuyen, the Bang Lang Storks Garden welcomes the largest population of storks from August to January of the lunar calendar annually.

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Photo: Nhan Dan

The best time of day to admire the storks is at the sunset as thousands of storks return home after a day of searching for food. The sky is dominated by storks with resounding noises.

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Bang Lang stork garden is located in Thoi Thuan hamlet boasting a rustic beauty Photo: Nhan Dan
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Photo: Nhan Dan

From the Ninh Kieu Wharf in Can Tho City, tourists go along Highway 91 in the direction to Long Xuyen (An Giang), passing O Mon and Thot Not District until seeing Bang Lang Bridge. The journey is quite long with a distance of around 52kilometres.

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Photo: Nhan Dan

The road to Bang Lang Stork Garden is enveloped by green bamboo adjacent to vast rice fields bringing the feelings of relaxation and peace.

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A small corner of the storks’ shelter. Photo: Nhan Dan

Bang Lang Stork Garden is the effort as well as the enthusiasm of Mr. Bay Thuyen and his family.

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Photo: Nhan Dan

In addition to the observatory in the middle of the garden, Mr. Bay Thuyen builds a resting place for visitors. He has a profound understanding of habits and the reproduction of storks.

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