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Creative puppetry show to bring fresh experience of Vietnamese culture

Valerie Mai Valerie Mai

January 18, 2021 | 09:25

Trang (The Moon) Puppetry Show features different types of puppetry to offer the audience a new experience of the Vietnamese culture.

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Photo: Nhan Dan

The Hanoi-based Vietnam National Puppetry Theatre has launched an experimental art program named “Trang” (The Moon) that features different types of puppetry to offer the audience a new experience of the Vietnamese culture.

Director of the theatre Nguyen Tien Dung said the moon symbolizes beauty and peace and is very familiar to every people. It is also an endless source of inspiration for poetry, music, and literature. Hence, his idea is to use the image of the moon, the combination of land and water puppetry, and traditional music to create a contemporary art show that introduces the culture of Vietnam’s ethnic groups, from the north to the south, according to Vietnam Plus.

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Photo: Nhan Dan
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Photo: Nhan Dan

He added that the performance is expected to become a must-see for tourists, helping them understand more about the unique Vietnamese culture. Tickets for the show will be sold starting February 8, Dung noted.

The show is built not based on a specific story but is based on a unique cultural element of the regions of Vietnam: moonlight. Coming to the show, audiences will be guided throughout the country by the lead of the moon: from the pale moon of highlands, the gentle moon of Hue citadel to the warm moon of the West's dances.

The creative team includes author, director, Nguyen Tien Dung; visual artist The Khien, art deco Ngo Thang, musicians Tran Duc Minh, Minh Duong, and Xuan Phuong. The puppet show was performed by the Vietnam Puppet Theater.

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Photo: Vietnam Plus
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Photo: Vietnam Plus
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