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Pho, the quintessence brings Vietnamese culture to the world

December 13, 2020 | 18:11

Bringing Pho beyond Vietnam’s border is not merely about introducing the dish to foreign friends but also bringing the quintessence of Vietnamese culture and people far and wide.

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A bowl of Pho (Photo: Viet Unique Tour)
A bowl of Pho (Photo: Viet Unique Tour)

From a small country, Pho – the iconic dish upholding Vietnam's national spirit has traveled across 50 countries and territories around the globe. Pho, on top of that, became a word explained in the prestigious Oxford dictionary in 2007.

Palestinian Ambassador to Vietnam Saadi Salama always starts his days with a bowl of Pho.

Starting a day with a bowl of Pho has become a daily ritual of Saadi Salama, Palestinian Ambassador to Vietnam. The ambassador was struck at his very first taste of Pho 20 years ago upon arriving in Hanoi. He grew addicted to the food since then and considered an indispensable food in his family.

For the expat, Pho is a predestined opportunity to keep him in a distant country.

I believe a delicious bowl of Pho is a fond memory of Vietnam for foreigners like me”, he said.

Pho, the quintessence brings Vietnamese culture  to the world
(Photo: VOV)

Pho takes its roots hundreds of years ago, has long become an indispensable part of Vietnamese cuisine. It’s ubiquitous in Vietnam, from inside the house to the street, from an old Pho stall to high-end Pho restaurants. Through the years, Pho follows the footsteps of Vietnamese people to travel to at least 50 countries and territories.

A Chinese historian once associates Pho with a friendly ambassador of Vietnam abroad.

“Pho is famous in many parts of the world. We can come across various Pho stalls in a foreign country, with owners are either Vietnamese or indigenous people. But the special thing is, its name Pho never changes”, he said.

A foreigner eating Pho in Vietnam (Photo: The Gioi Am Thuc)
A foreigner eating Pho in Vietnam (Photo: The Gioi Am Thuc)

Given its significant importance in Vietnamese culture, Vietnam dedicates December 12 as the Day of Pho. However, bringing the already popular Pho even closer to the world is still the target the country is trying to obtain.

Mr. Nguyen Kim Hoang, owner of a Pho stall in Hanoi has brought the dish from the North to the South. He said promoting Vietnamese culture in foreign countries is also one way to confirm Vietnam’s cuisine place on the world map. He has passed down his family’s secret recipe to make Pho for a junior to bring the dish to Australia.

Like other people, I want the iconic dish that upholds Vietnam’s deep-rooted culinary values to shine in a larger number of countries. Plus, it must retain the original Vietnamese flavor. I will not change anything to meet the market’s demands”, Vu Kieu Trang, daughter of a famous culinary artist in Vietnam said.

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