Guides to spend weekend travelling to Lan Ha Bay - the masterpiece of Vietnam nature

Beaches are no doubt the best way to temporarily escape the scorching hot summer. For the people living in the North of Vietnam, Lan Ha bay is the destination that would satisfy all your needs, from the most “Instagrammable” pictures to exploring a new place or simply a weekend getaway.
July 06, 2020 | 06:49
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An impressive aerial view of Lan Ha Bay – one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Photo: TheLEADER.

Located in the eastern part of Cat Ba Island in Hai Phong City, Lan Ha Bay was once called a "forgotten paradise". But now that heaven has been surprising all visitors who love nature and want to immerse themselves in it.

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Tourists enjoying a boat trip at the bay. Photo: Wonderful Vietnam.

On May 29, Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio shared a clip about Lan Ha Bay on his "blue tick" Instagram account, praising the place a “heaven” and urging visitors to protect the environment when coming here. The clip is only one minute long but has so far attracted more than 1.5 million likes. Most people around the world expressed their admiration and surprise through the comments, some even asked how to get to this "heaven on earth".

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The short clip about Lan Ha Bay posted by Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio attracted over a million reactions.

For the people living in Vietnam, getting to this “heaven on earth” is hands down a piece of cake. From Hanoi, it takes only about 90 minutes on the Hanoi-Hai Phong expressway to get to Got ferry terminal to start the journey to discover Lan Ha Bay. From this port, it will take about 20 minutes by ferry to get to the centre of Cat Ba Island and take a small boat to Lan Ha Bay.

If you want to enjoy a convenient and time-saving journey to the centre of Cat Ba Island and a panoramic view of the ocean from above, then swing yourself on "the highest cable car in the world" named Cat Hai - Phu Long, departing from Got ferry terminal. This will take you only 9 minutes to get to the island.

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Cat Hai cable car station is also an “Instagrammable” place. Photo: SUNWORLD

From the centre of Cat Ba island, you can also get to Lan Ha bay by canoe, or indulge yourself with a 5-star cruise trip around this "heaven".

Located within Cat Ba World Biosphere Reserve, Lan Ha has recently been recognized as a member of the "Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World". This arc-shaped bay is a very quiet area with crystal-clear water, consisting of about 400 different-sized islands. Unlike the limestone islands in Ha Long Bay, the ones in Lan Ha Bay, no matter big or small, are all covered with green vegetation that, with the clear blue water below, forms a vivid picture of nature.

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Cruising the Lan Ha bay is an unforgettable experience. Photo: TheLEADER.

Each limestone island around the bay has its own unique shape, which makes anyone looking at them couldn’t help themselves from letting their imagination run wild.

There are rocky islands that look exactly like vertical blocks with the bottom eroded, looking so much like a pestle. Some larger islands resemble an elephant’s back or a horse saddle. And there are many rock formations in the bay with such unique shapes that one could only name them his own way.

0816 kayak dulichbui 1593741230313

Kayak marina within the bay. Photo: Wonderful Vietnam.

There’s nothing more interesting than exploring Lan Ha bay’s untouched beauty while riding in a kayak all by yourself. Kayaking is a perfect way to truly immerse yourself in the peaceful colours of nature, without any disturbing noise or even a speck of dust.

0902 lanha3 1593742273213

Pick up a kayak to enjoy the pure beauty of Lan Ha bay. Photo: Wonderful Vietnam.

Do not forget to immerse yourself in the crystal-clear water of Lan Ha Bay. The bay has up to 139 small, clean and pristine natural sand beaches, interspersed between two blocks of mountains with clear blue sea and calm waves, which is extremely safe, even for children. The most famous are the sand beaches of Ba Trai Dao, Cay Bang, Bai Dua, Monkey Island...

0953 lanha2 1593741323747

A small, crystal-clear beach nestled within the bay. (Photo: Wonderful Vietnam).

If you can spend a night on Nam Cat Island in Lan Ha Bay, you will be intrigued by the clams and oysters raking experience at low tide. Take a walk on the sandy beaches around the island, soon you’ll have a fresh batch of oysters, enough for a good meal for five to six people.

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Kayaking and raking clams on the island.

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A fresh clams dish.

It will be an absolutely unforgettable experience if you are lucky enough to see the "glowing sea" at night. This magical phenomenon happens because of the underwater planktons that glow when they touch other objects. You may have a chance to see them if you can spend a night in the bay.

1238 lantinh 1593741511544

If you are lucky enough, you may have the chance to see “glowing water”. Photo: Wonderful Vietnam.

After enjoying Lan Ha's nature, take some time to visit Cai Beo floating fishing village. This is the fishing village that attracted over a million likes on Leonardo DiCaprio’s Instagram. Cai Beo is also the largest floating fishing village in Southeast Asia. Here you can learn about aquaculture, the special life of fishermen and how they do business while protecting the world's biosphere reserve.

1406 nam catresort 1593741578119

Stay close to nature by spending a few days on Nam Cat island. Photo: Wonderful Vietnam.

And if you like archeology and history, you can go to Viet Hai fishing village next to Lan Ha Bay. Located on the water, surrounded by high mountains and forests of Cat Ba National Park, Viet Hai is a separated ancient village that still maintains its pure beauty, almost without the impact of humans.

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Cycle around Cat Ba National Park to enjoy the fresh air of the primeval forest. (Photo: TheLEADER).

1542 vuonquocgia 1593762856087

Experience joyous moments being surrounded by wild animals. Photo: Wonderful Vietnam.

You can cycle or drive an electric car to enjoy such a pristine space. If you have plenty of time, do not hesitate to spend a night at a homestay in the village to catch the next day's dawn, then trek through Cat Ba National Park, breath the fresh air of the primeval forest, and visit the archaeological relics of the humans who lived on this land 6 to 7 thousand years ago.

1646 cuahangquany 1593742367935

Quan Y cave entrance in Cat Ba National Park is also an ideal place for a good photo.

(Photo: Wonderful Vietnam).

There are countless activities that you should experience at Lan Ha Bay. However, you can always plan the trip according to your needs and time. Even if it is a quick tour, a long trip, or a self-planned getaway, you would never regret visiting Lan Ha – one of the world’s most beautiful bays.

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