First Vietnamese Female Scientist Honored with National Professor by Poland President:

“I Am Proud to Be Vietnamese!”

Nhu-Tarnawska Hoa Kim Ngan was recently appointed professor title by Polish President Andrzej Duda, making her the first Vietnamese-born female scientist in Poland and the fifth Vietnamese-born scientist honored with this title.
July 05, 2024 | 14:10
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Professor Hoa Kim Ngan said that establishing a career abroad has to go through many difficulties. The achievement of Vietnamese people, including scientists, results from a long process of hard work, serious attitudes, and a progressive spirit in labor, study, and research.

Professor Nhu-Tarnawska Hoa Kim Ngan took a photo with President of Poland Andrzej Duda (C).
Professor Nhu-Tarnawska Hoa Kim Ngan took a photo with President of Poland Andrzej Duda (C).

According to Professor Ngan, Vietnamese scientists who have achieved success want to support the next generation of researchers. "That desire stems from nature and is a continuation of the Vietnamese people's good tradition, which has been passed down through generations. Our prior generation had support from previous generations when we began our scientific research careers, and now we pass that assistance on to the following generations," shared her.

To support future generations, she has participated in scientific cooperation programs with Vietnamese colleagues in Vietnam, attended international conferences and seminars held in Vietnam; and expanded scientific cooperation by inviting scientists to visit institutes and schools in Poland, particularly activities based on signed cooperation agreements between the two sides; and cooperated in training Vietnamese PhD students.

She has also assisted Vietnamese PhD students in locating guiding professors who specialize in relevant research subjects. Four researchers and approximately 30 master's students have successfully defended their theses under her supervision.

Proffesor Hoa Kim Ngan received the Rector Award of Krakow University of Pedagogy in 2022.
Professor Hoa Kim Ngan received the Rector Award from Krakow University of Pedagogy in 2022.

"International scientific collaboration is particularly practical for PhD students. From my own experience, while working as a graduate student, and through international collaboration, I built an experimental measurement system for a laboratory in Amsterdam. The measurement system is now operational, collecting and analyzing data completely automatically by computer," said Professor Ngan.

Professor Hoa Kim Ngan has collaborated with colleagues from AGH-Krakow, including Dr. Zbigniew Tarnawski, who became her husband.

"Every success in Poland reminds me of my homeland, Vietnam, and makes me remember that I am Vietnamese. I often return to Vietnam to attend international scientific conferences. I also frequently accompany my husband to tourist attractions in Vietnam, introducing him to my beautiful hometown. I enjoy cooking foods with Vietnamese flavors, such as fried spring rolls (nem ran), to delight my Polish friends. My husband also enjoys Vietnamese cuisine," shared her.

Professor Hoa Kim Ngan earned his physics degree from the University of Hanoi, which is currently known as the Hanoi University of Sciences, Hanoi National University. She began her scientific career in the institution's Department of Physics, where she worked in the low-temperature physics lab. She then took part in research at the Natuurkundig Laboratorium, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 1993, she was the first Vietnamese to successfully defend her PhD thesis in Physics and Astronomy at Amsterdam University. In 2004, she received a Doctor of Science degree in Physics from Krakow.

Her research and teaching career is connected to the pedagogical institution in Krakow, now the institution of the National Education Commission, Krakow. She is the school's first national female physics professor in nearly 80 years.

Professor Ngan has published over 150 scientific articles in the notable magazine of the ISI/Scopus catalog, as well as a thematic book in Polish and a book on the history of the discovery of the nuclear fission effect in English, Swedish, and Japanese.

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