In Photo: Fruit selling in Cai Rang floating market

Traveling to Cai Rang floating market (Can Tho) in the early days of March, visitors can relax on the river and enjoy Western cuisine and fruits at quite cheap prices.
cai rang floating market a highlight of vietnams mekong delta Cai Rang floating market, a highlight of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta
tra on floating market enduring cultural trait of vietnams mekong delta Tra On floating market, enduring cultural trait of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta
floating markets exceptional cultural features of vietnams mekong delta Floating markets, exceptional cultural features of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta
Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho City is one of the famous tourist attractions in the West of Vietnam. The dense network of the Mekong River and its tributaries has developed the waterway transport system and formed the special customs of the locals here. (Photo; Zing News)
These recent days, the floating market is again bustling with tourists after the Covid-19 pandemic in the region has been controlled. (Photo: Zing News)
Many groups of tourists rent boats right from 6 am. The rental price per trip is about 700,000 VND (30 USD) depending on the length of the tour. "Although the market now is not as crowded as before, that is still a good signal", Mr. Thanh - a tour guide - affirmed. (Photo; Zing News)
In photo: fruit selling in cai rang floating market
Tourists that go in small groups can also hire a small boat for 200.000 VND (8,7 USD) for 2 hours. (Photo: Zing News)
Thy Hang (in black) and colleagues from Hanoi to the West, visiting Cai Rang floating market on a business trip. She said the group intends to get here to relax after a long time not traveling because of concerns about COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo; Zing News)
In the early morning, there are dozens of boats selling fruits floating on the river. (Photo; Zing News)
Every time a tourist ship appear, these fruit vendors will approach them to offer their products. (Photo; Zing News)
In the early months of the year, the floating market mostly sells coconut, pineapple, longan, and pink mango ... The seller always cut fruits for visitors to try. Customers can eat the fruits in boats or buy them as gifts for relatives. (Photo: Zing News)
Due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the business of people in the West has not been going smoothly. The number of tourists is small compared to the time before the breaks (Photo: Zing News)
"Visiting the floating market and eating ripe pineapples on the boat is an interesting feeling. If there is a chance, my friends and I will come back here again and again", Ms. Hien - a Hanoi tourist - shared. (Photo; Zing News)
According to many small traders, the price of fruit is at an average level compared to previous years. (Photo; Zing News)
The image of traders sitting on a boat displaying agricultural products makes many visitors excited and has become an iconic sign of the West. (Photo; Zing News)
After a trip around the floating market, visitors often stop by floating restaurants on the river to enjoy the local cuisine. (Photo; Zing News)
Or they can have breakfast on the small boats as the sun rises. (Photo; Zing News)
Food vendors here sell familiar Western cuisine using local ingredients. Most dishes are sold in a very reasonable price. (Photo; Zing News)
For travelers, the floating markets are not only something to admire but also a must if you seriously want to explore the uniqueness of the giant maze that is the Mekong Delta. (Photo; Zing News)
vietnams floating market under lenses of western tourist Vietnam's floating market under lenses of Western tourist

Falling in love with the bustling floating markets, Sebastian Hanke has captured vivid and realistic photos of these sites.

interesting experiences that only found in western vietnam Interesting experiences that only found in Western Vietnam

Visiting floating market, boating in the mangrove forests or spoon-feeding fish are among interesting experiences that are only offered in the Western region.

cai rang floating market a highlight of vietnams mekong delta Cai Rang floating market, a highlight of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta

The floating market is a typically cultural trait in the Mekong River Delta that cannot be found anywhere. In which, Cai Rang floating market in ...

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