Melting heart photo of old woman slumbering on husband’s legs on Vietnam's train

A touching photo of an old woman resting on her husband's legs during her sleeping as the duo traveled on a train has driven Vietnamese netizens by storm. 
June 15, 2020 | 12:23
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The old man stretches his legs for his wife sleep on (Photo: Thoi Dai)

The old couple chose window seats instead of booking a sleeping cabin, which could cost them almost the same price as on a flight, to save money.

As the long commune made the 80-year-old lady tired, the husband happily stretched his legs across the two seats, making a mini-bed for his beloved wife to lie on.

- “Are your legs OK?”, the wife mumbled.

- “Just sleep. I don’t feel any numbness at all”, he replied.

- “You’re a sweet liar”, she smiled.

The old woman had - according to the photographer behind this picture who witnessed the whole story - enjoyed a long, sound sleep on her husband’s legs. The train had brought them through many gardens, green fields, running all over the picturesque country roads, carrying their love along. Occasionally the photographer saw the husband wipe the sweat on his wife’s face on her forehead with a red face towel.

“He seemed a little tired. His legs must have gone numb, but he didn’t complain a word and kept remaining the same posture to let his wife enjoy the sleep”, he told Thoi Dai.

The photo has garnered a lot of attention from netizens not long after it surfaced on the Internet. Many could not hide their interest and admiration for the enduring love of the old couple, saying “their love story gives them more faith in love and positive energy in daily life”.

“You don’t need to grow up for the rest of your life if you meet the right person”, one Facebook account commented under the post.

“Their love is admirable. They’ve spent decades together and now look at this! We younger generations have something to learn”, another Facebooker wrote.

“May them stay healthy and happy like they are now for the rest of their life”.

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