Monthly Horoscope for September: Prediction for Astrological Signs for September

Monthly Horoscope for September: While September has many blessed alignments of the planets, we will collectively enter the next great storm. When we turn back to remember the beginning of this decade, we’ll reminisce about how the universe pushed us two steps forward but then would force us to take another step back.
September 01, 2020 | 14:36
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Monthly Planetary Overview

In many ways, this is because the cosmos is showing us that the future we want to create can truly manifest before us, but we are either overlooking important information or forgetting something valuable from our past. Only by facing the truth and being strategic can we find fulfillment. The coming months will have obstacles and frustrations, so to navigate this, learn to slow down and understand that growth doesn’t happen overnight, just as success, healing, and love take time as well.

A mighty full moon in Pisces (10 degrees) arrives at the onset of the month, on September 1. Full moons bring culminations, endings, and significant news and tend to be emotional. Pisces—the final water sign—is the most spiritual, mystical, and sensitive of all, and in the days surrounding this full moon, we will find that our awareness is heightened. Intuition and imagination will infuse the human collective, and we will all be more connected through the realm of dreams and the unconscious. Pay attention to the messages the universe whispers at this time. Pisces is also a zodiac sign that holds ties to healing, bringing us a global opportunity to face the past six months and steer toward a better course of action. Emotions will ebb and flow now, so move with the currents of the ether.

Mercury, feisty planet of the mind, is in Libra from the fifth to the twenty-seventh. Relationship matters will be on our minds during this time. Find ways to communicate effectively in order to improve your harmony personally or professionally.

Venus, goddess of beauty and romance, spins an enchanting spell in Leo from September 6 onward. Pleasure, intimacy, and creativity will be passionate, loud, and vivacious. Live a love story that is unforgettable.

On the ninth, Mars stations retrograde in Aries (28 degrees). However, we have felt its diminishing strength for many weeks already. For months ahead—until mid-November—the mighty warrior planet will have its energy taken away as it retraces its steps in the sky. We, too, will feel as if we are facing karmic lessons regarding our personal goals, plans, and desires. Now is not the time to initiate new projects or relationships but to instead become clearer on the importance of past ones. This won’t be a time when conflict in any way is favored, and we will be encouraged to work as a team to solve problems. Yet, with the retrograde taking place in Aries, this may be especially difficult as we face obstacles, disagreements, stagnation, and lower levels of energy.

A new moon in Virgo (25 degrees) arrives on September 17. This blessed lunation opens a door to finding solutions to everyday problems, including those related to health. The pace of life quickens now, and we can become more efficient with our time both personally and professionally. When the sun moves into Libra on the twenty-second, personal relations become more important collectively, as does finding pleasure in our day-to-day lives.

A last pivotal turning point to note in this month is the wakening of Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation of Capricorn. Jupiter, as the giver of luck and fortune, has spent many months asleep teaching us to make space for new blessings coming our way. The great benefic’s retrograde ends on September 12 (17 degrees). Saturn, as the giver of life lessons, has been forcing us to internally streamline our lives in order to establish better structures for the rest of the year. The twenty-eighth marks Saturn’s resurrection (25 degrees). While Mars retrograde will slow the pace of your life, watch as the other planets continue to bring new opportunities your way.

Monthly Zodiac Horoscope for September


3609 aries

September 2020 - With the sun powering through your sector of productivity throughout much of September, you’re finding the right work/life balance (solar sixth house). While the demands of your career are certainly high now—and you have a chart packed with professional opportunities—it is also likely that September will encourage you to slow down and prioritize self-care.

A full moon on September 1 lights up the night, singing a lullaby to send you to sleep. This full moon falls in your sector of hidden matters, healing, and rest, so it is advised that you lie low or find closure with matters that you wish to release near this time (solar twelfth house).

Mars, your ruler, has been gifting you with tremendous reserves of energy and passion in recent months. However, it will also be feeling the need to pause as it stations retrograde on the ninth (solar first house). For months ahead, your ruler will not only being moving backward but be doing so within your sign, causing a tremendous need to lie dormant as the world shifts around you.

Of course, this is unlike your normal temperament because you’re a conqueror and leader, but the more you fight the tides now, the more energy you’ll waste. While you may experience obstacles to your personal goals and plans, the universe is showing you that there is a time to rest and a time to strike. Life is a strategy, so go with the currents.

Happily, though, when miraculous Jupiter turns direct on September 12, you should once again see career opportunities come your way for months ahead (solar tenth house). Hopefully, you’ve used the time in recent months to fine-tune your plans, but again, don’t launch anything new during the Mars retrograde.

The new moon on the seventeenth highlights your employment sector, so if you’re looking for new work or you want to take on more projects in your current position, you’re in luck (solar sixth house).

When the sun moves into your partnership sector on September 22, watch as your attention turns toward your most important relationship in business or love (solar seventh house). The month ahead will help you grow closer, or for single Aries, find someone with lasting potential.

Standout days: 9, 17, 28

Challenging days: 4, 21, 24


3652 taurus

September 2020 - It appears you’ve been very busy working on important projects or initiatives behind the scenes in recent months, with Mars powering up this privacy sector (solar twelfth house). Another way this can manifest is that you’ve been highly focused on healing and working with doctors, therapists, or specialists to move past trauma or difficulty to build a better future for yourself.

However, with Mars turning backward in the sky, beginning on September 9 and for months to come, you’ll be able to revise your progress and plans and find better ways of solving problems. Don’t push yourself too hard at this time. Instead, go with the flow of the universe and take it day by day.

At the onset of September, a full moon in your sector of fulfillment lights up the night (solar eleventh house). Depending on your social distancing guidelines, some of you may attend a lovely event or hear exciting news from a friend. If you have been hard at work chasing your hopes and dreams—and most Taurus usually are—this full moon could also click an important piece into place that you’ve long wished for.

September promises lots of pleasure and fun for you, especially with the sun moving through your fertility zone throughout much of the month (solar fifth house). Single Taurus are highly favored to find a new option who builds a garden within your heart, while committed Taurus may hear news regarding a child or enjoy more passion with their partner. Last, as this fertility zone also holds ties to creativity and art, you may suddenly find yourself divinely inspired. The new moon on the seventeenth opens doors to these areas significantly.

However, when the sun moves into your productivity zone on September 22, expect that you’ll be highly focused on work and employment for weeks ahead (solar sixth house). Last to note is that with Jupiter and Saturn waking up this month in your sector of expansion, you may suddenly hear news regarding media, academic, or immigration matters (solar ninth house).

Standout days: 9, 14, 17

Challenging days: 2, 15, 24


3717 gemini

September 2020 - Enter September with excitement and anticipation, Gemini, because the stars are certainly lining up for you. As you begin the month, a full moon in your sector of achievements roars in the night on September 1 (solar tenth house). This should be a major milestone for you in 2020, especially when it comes to professional advancement. Use the time surrounding this full moon to move toward your ambitions and set meetings with high-profile individuals who may be able to help you move forward.

Your social life has also been highly active in recent months, yet because of the retrograde of Mars here beginning on the ninth, you may notice that some hoped-for plans with friends fall through or need to be rescheduled. It’s possible that there may be some frustrations with friends in the months ahead, but if this is the case, find a way to resolve the issue amicably (solar eleventh house).

The early weeks of the month turn your attention quite significantly to your domestic zone, and with a new moon falling here on September 17, some Geminis may move or fix up their living space (solar fourth house). This may also turn your attention toward your family or parents during this time, and if so, find ways to build stronger rapport.

However, your mind will certainly be very much on love, passion, and romance throughout much of the month, especially because Mercury, the planet of communication, resides here beginning on the fifth (solar fifth house). When the sun marches into this sign on September 22, recreation, fun, and pleasure will be the main things on your mind.

Standout days: 1, 3, 4

Challenging days: 11, 17, 23


3736 cancer

September 2020 - Mighty career success has been on your mind for months, Cancer, with Mars giving you the drive and dominance to reach your goals (solar tenth house). However, a turning point has arrived, as Mars stations retrograde on September 9. It appears you may have been trying to hit a deadline or launch a significant project, but with Mars telling you it’s time to revise, review, and fine-tune your plans, it will work against you tremendously to debut the endeavor before it’s ready. Instead, use the months ahead to enhance your vision so you can launch it later in the year, particularly toward the end of November.

Happiness and fortune will once again smile upon your partnerships as Jupiter, the great benefic, returns to normal motion on the twelfth (solar seventh house). If you’re looking for the right partner in love or business, or seeking to grow closer with one you have, use the time until mid-December to pursue this perfect union.

However, returning to September, there are highly important currents moving your life, so pay attention to their call. A great deal of the month focuses on expanding your mind, as well as important messages that you wish to communicate to the world around you. Contracts and negotiations are also likely to be taking place at this time.

The full moon on September 1 will likely clarify an important media, academic, or immigration matter for you (solar ninth house), whereas the new moon on the seventeenth could open doors to a writing, speaking, or marketing initiative (solar third house). No matter what, though, focus on knowing the facts and taking your time if you can.

Standout days: 2, 4, 28

Challenging days: 2, 21, 23


3755 leo

September 2020 - September sparkles for you, Leo, especially because Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, will make you completely irresistible from September 6 onward (solar first house). Whether single or attached, you can enchant nearly anyone you wish by using your charm and radiance. Now would be an especially auspicious time to enhance your look, whether through a new wardrobe or a fresh hairstyle.

With the full moon on the first falling in your sector of intimacy, it’s likely that your desires in a relationship are on your mind (solar eighth house). While single Leos may be feeling the urge to snuggle up with someone new, do so quickly—prior to September 9—because Mars, the god of sex, will be retrograde for months to come. You can certainly continue to date now and in the weeks ahead, but it is never fortuitous to officially enter into a relationship during a Mars retrograde. Any partnership that does start could eventually find that the intimate sexual rapport begins to fade over time. If you’re willing to keep it casual, though, you can certainly commit later in the year, especially in November or December.

Despite such a focus on connection, September also causes you to focus greatly on your income and expenses (solar second house). With the sun lighting up this field for you now, and the new moon arriving here on the seventeenth, Leos should be seeing an opportunity to increase their financial wealth. Look for a new job or raise your rates in the days following this new moon. With both Jupiter and Saturn turning direct in your employment zone this month, the planets are favoring you to find increased prosperity (solar sixth house).

Standout days: 2, 6, 28

Challenging days: 4, 15, 23


3813 virgo

September 2020 - Birthday season has arrived, Virgo, and you’re front and center now (solar first house)! The blessing of birthday season is that the sun and new moon bring forth an opportunity for you to lay plans you’d like to see come to fruition in the year ahead. Personal goals, hopes, and projects should all take root now, especially after the new moon on September 17.

Yet, despite all of the focus on you, a full moon at the onset of the month turns your attention toward your most important partnership in business or love (solar seventh house). During this time you might make an important decision together—to become official, get engaged, make plans, or even walk away. Single Virgos could find luck at the beginning of the month if you’re looking for someone with long-term potential.

However, be cautious because Mars, the ruler of sex, goes retrograde on the ninth and remains so for many months ahead. Any relationship that begins officially during a Mars retrograde will likely find that the sexual component becomes less important as time goes on, or vanishes entirely.

But the stars are showing you that you deserve the love of a lifetime as Jupiter, giver of miracles, and Saturn, giver of structure, turn direct this month in your sector of romance (solar fifth house). If you’re single and able to keep it casual, use these powerhouse planets to find someone who, like a flower, will bloom within your heart. Committed Virgos can also use this renewed energy to increase the pleasure between you and your partner.

When the sun leaves your sign and enters your sector of finances on September 22, expect that money will be on your mind for the weeks ahead (solar second house).

Standout days: 2, 3, 17

Challenging days: 1, 4, 11


3836 libra

September 2020 - This entire year is very important for you to rebuild a better structure in your life, especially when it comes to your domestic life and family (solar fourth house). With Jupiter, planet of blessings, and Saturn, giver of structure, awakening this month, it’s likely you’ll finally find yourself on sturdier ground after years of uncertainty.

Your work life has also been especially important for you in recent years because you may have launched toward new career horizons or changed the course of your professional ambitions. With a full moon in your employment sector taking place at the very beginning of the month, you can expect news related to a job to appear. If looking for work, you could be in luck, so search at this time (solar sixth house).

As Mercury, planet of mental clarity, moves through your zodiac sign from September 5 to September 27, you’ll likely see contracts or important communications coming your way.

However, another major point to note this month is the movement of mighty Mars across the sky from you (solar seventh house). Since the end of June, it has helped you focus on the need to work in tandem with a significant partner in business or love. By working as a team, you’ve realized you can go so much further.

But beginning on the ninth, Mars turns retrograde and causes friction and potential hostility between you and partners, competitors, or enemies. During the weeks ahead it will be better to lie low rather than exacerbate conflicts, because one could turn into an all-out personal war. Instead, use this time to listen to your partner and improve your rapport.

If single and looking, this retrograde may bring back people from the past. If you’re looking to reunite with one, you could see if you both want to start over once again.

The new moon on September 17 can help you be highly reflective, so review your past and see what needs closure.

As the magnificent sun moves into your zodiac sign on the twenty-second, birthday season finally arrives! Use the month ahead to celebrate you.

Standout days: 4, 5, 28

Challenging days: 17, 21, 23


3900 scorpio

September 2020 - You have likely been very busy over the past several months, Scorpio. Mars, planet of drive and focus, has been energizing your sector of productivity (solar sixth house). On the one hand, this may have made you especially busy on the job—taking on new projects, meeting deadlines, or handling individual clients. On the other, this may also have energized you to tackle an important new health, fitness, or diet goal in order to build your physical strength.

Yet with Mars going retrograde in this same sector on September 9 and remaining so for months to come, you may feel as if some of your efforts are now hitting a brick wall. This is a time to rest, recharge, and heal rather than burn yourself out. Also, be especially vigilant to guard your health, because you may become more prone to illness during this time.

Despite these precautions, September certainly smiles upon you. The full moon on the first brings you delightful news regarding your sector of fertility (solar fifth house). This may deliver news regarding a conception or pregnancy or in relation to a child you already have. This same zone also ignites the spark of romance, so if single, be certain to connect with possible suitors near this time. If already taken, use this magical moment to plan something to bring your heart closer to the one you adore.

Venus, planet of magnetism, is dancing through your career sector throughout most of the month, so prepare for applause from those around you, or if you’re looking to date someone above you in the hierarchy—now could be the time (solar tenth house).

And that isn’t all, because the new moon on September 17 brings forth blessed opportunities to get closer to the friends you have or bring new ones into your fold (solar eleventh house). Enjoy the social vibration.

When the sun moves into your solitude sector, beginning on the twenty-second, prepare for the month ahead to be more focused on privacy and rest (solar twelfth house).

Standout days: 1, 2, 9

Challenging days: 15, 24, 29


3926 sag

September 2020 - Love, passion, and creativity have been major areas of focus for you in recent months, Sagittarius, with Mars heating it up like wildfire (solar fifth house). Having fun and enjoying pleasure are extremely important at this time, and you’ve been ready to dive in headfirst.

However, be cautious as Mars goes retrograde on September 9, because the sexy times may turn into butting heads. Some Sagittarius may find that conflicts begin with lovers now or that they’re pulled apart due to work or family commitments. If single and looking, you may suddenly feel like your options have dried up and there’s no one piquing your interest.

Also, since retrogrades do sometimes bring people back from the past, some Sagittarius may suddenly hear from old lovers in the weeks ahead. Be careful not to jump into something too quickly because, rest assured, you are not thinking clearly.

Other points of focus this month are your domestic life and achievements. A full moon on the first could bring a family- or home-related matter to a culmination and signals that some Sagittarius may move at this time (solar fourth house).

However, with so much planetary action highlighting your career and ambitions throughout much of the month, expect a great deal of progress to take place in the initial weeks (solar tenth house). The new moon on September 17 could bring new opportunities your way and see some past ones rewarded. Also, with Jupiter, giver of abundance, and Saturn, planet of longevity, wakening in your sector of finances this month, money should begin to grow like grain (solar second house).

Standout days: 3, 17, 28

Challenging days: 1, 11, 29


4000 capricorn

September 2020 - September is the month you’ve been waiting for, Capricorn, because two powerhouse planets are ready to awaken within your zodiac sign (solar first house).

Recent months have seen you riddled by obstacles, delays, and revisions as Jupiter, given of miracles, and Saturn, planet of structure, were streamlining your plans and helping make space for new opportunities yet to come. Lucky for you, as they begin to rise from their slumber in September, you will finally receive their greatest blessings from now until December. Because of this, it’s likely some of your heart’s desires are now within reach.

However, Mars, planet of energy, turns retrograde in your sector of domesticity (solar fourth house) starting on September 9. This could signal frustrations at home or difficulties with your kin. It’s likely you will feel the need to stand up for them or yourself in the weeks to come.

But your mind will also be on important contracts, negotiations, and communications this month. The full moon on the first brings a milestone regarding a writing, speaking, or marketing endeavor (solar third house), while the new moon on September 17 is pushing you toward new horizons (solar ninth house). As this zone rules expansion, you could become involved with a media, academic, or immigration matter now.

Your career will also be active this month, especially because Mercury brings engagement and discussion regarding your ambitions from the fifth onward (solar tenth house). When the mighty sun roars into this sector on September 22 and stays for many weeks, expect new heights in your professional life before you.

Standout days: 3, 9, 14

Challenging days: 4, 21, 23


4021 aquarius

September 2020 - Welcome to September, Aquarius, a month that will be pleasant and quite important for you. With the sun highlighting your intimacy sector, you’ll be focused on the balance in your relationships, especially the give-and-take (solar eighth house). While the new moon occurs here later in the month, on September 17, you will be feeling this energy for weeks before that date.

Another reason you’re especially focused on your partnerships in love and business is because Venus, planet of harmony, dances across the sky from you in your relationship zone (solar seventh house). Beginning on the sixth and for the rest of the month, she’ll spin an enchanting love spell on you and your significant other. If single, this is an auspicious time to find someone with long-term potential.

Earlier in the month, though, a full moon on September 1 lights up the night and brings a turning point in your finances (solar second house). Some Aquarians may see the arrival of a large check, raise, or lucrative new client. If you’re looking for a new job, this could manifest, too.

Yet another important factor this month is the Mars retrograde. For months, the warrior planet has highlighted your ability to write, speak, and pursue your opinions aggressively (solar third house). This has likely won you some victories.

However, beginning on the ninth and for the two months ahead Mars will be weakened here, so it would be best not to sign contracts or initiate any new communications-related projects. Instead, use your energy to fine-tune past endeavors and make them the best they can be. Later in the year, if you use your time now, they’ll be ready to reach your audience.

Standout days: 2, 9, 28

Challenging days: 1, 15, 17


4041 pisces

September 2020 - September arrives calling your name, Pisces. As soon as the month begins there’s a full moon in your sun sign, putting you and your heart’s desires front and center (solar first house)! This may usher in a breakthrough that allows you to pursue one of your personal goals, or you could see a sudden awakening that allows you to move in a new direction. No matter what, this is the most important full moon of the year for you, so use the power in your favor.

Another major focus of the month is your most important partnership in love or business (solar seventh house). With the sun moving through here most of the month, you can make significant plans together or make your union stronger than ever. However, if you aren’t on the same page, this could be a turning point when you decide it’s time to go your separate ways. Single Pisces can put themselves out there to find long-term potential suitors, so be clear on what you want in a person and find ways to meet them. With the new moon here on September 17, a door will open, so choose how you’d like to take advantage of it.

Another important note to make this month is that Jupiter, giver of miracles, and Saturn, planet of longevity, awaken from their retrograde, both in your sector of fulfillment (solar eleventh house). This means that you’ll likely grow closer to your friends during this time or find that the people in your network are able to open doors to your most sacred hopes and dreams. Use the time from now until December to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Last in September is the major retrograde of Mars that begins on the ninth. This planet has been in your income sector for many months, likely increasing your expenses but also your ability to make more money. From now until November, be especially careful to watch your finances, and be certain you know where your money is going. Cut off any recurring expenses that are just draining your accounts for no reason.

Standout days: 1, 4, 14

Challenging days: 11, 17, 29

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