Algerian – Vietnamese Man Reunites With His Mother After 58 Years

The heartwarming and touching reunion of Ahmed with his biological Vietnamese mother has been a famous story within the Algerian - Vietnamese community.
October 26, 2022 | 08:36

In 2022, the Algerian – Vietnamese community living in Algeria made a fantastic act of kindness on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Kind souls helped reunite Ahmed (living in Saida province, Algeria) with his biological mother back in Vietnam after 58 years losing contact.


Born in Vietnam and left the country in 1964 at 6, Ahmed returned to Vietnam for the first time after all those years to kiss the hands of his 83 – year – old mother.

In order to make this reunion happen, it is necessary to mention the close connection between members of the overseas Vietnamese and the Vietnamese Embassy in Algeria, along with the kindness of the Association of Vietnamese expatriates in Algeria, who are always proud of their heritage.

Fate happened from a message

Ever since social media became popular, it is much easier to keep in contact with your loved ones or find other people that you know. From a message from a family member in Bac Ninh, with the pictures of the mother and the old letters written from years ago, the Vietnamese Embassy in Algeria has actively contacted many members of the Association of Overseas Vietnamese living in the country.

Nguyen Thi Dong, the Vice Chairman of the Liaison Committee of the Association of Overseas Vietnamese in Algeria and lives with her Algerian husband, who is now 84 years old, has been considered by the whole community as a historical witness, a center of connection and solidarity of the community that still remembers the story of Mr. Ahmed’s family.


Ahmed is the son of Abdelmoumen, an Algerian soldier, and Mrs. Vinh. During the 60s, his father worked at the Vietnamese – African Farm and met his wife, then they had 3 children together. Many Algerian soldiers working as farm workers have been recognized by the Vietnamese government for their contributions to the Vietnamese revolution.

In 1964, two years after Algeria's independence, the Vietnamese and Algerian governments organized a flight to bring Algerian soldiers and their families home. 48 Vietnamese women followed their husbands and brought their children to the new country to build their lives together, which eventually formed a community of overseas Vietnamese, and together contributed to the friendship between the two countries.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Vinh was not among those 48 women. At the age of 26, worried about starting her new life and not ready to leave her homeland, Vinh carried her youngest child out of the airport, leaving her husband with the two eldest sons to return to Algeria.

Her decision in the last hours separated Vinh and her children for 58 years and left a psychological impact on Vinh herself and one of her children.

Since the 1990s, Ahmed has tried to ask the Vietnamese people working in Algeria to find information about his mother but there was no luck. Some even told him that she already passed away long ago.

This time, thanks to the development of social networks, with the support and help of the Algerian – Vietnamese community, especially Houria and Viet, who had gone a long way to Saida province to find the Ahmed brothers.

Ahmed arrived at the Noi Bai International Airport. Photo:
Ahmed arrived at the Noi Bai International Airport. Photo:

The heartwarming reunion of mother and sons

Finally, the Ahmed brothers could contact their mothers from Bac Ninh through social media. Even though communication was a little bit difficult due to the language barrier, they were so happy they found each other again.

The Association of Vietnamese expatriates in Algeria also shares the joy of Ahmed's family, since the members of this group have always been helping Vietnamese women, and are earnestly devoted to their Vietnamese homeland.

When they saw the life condition that the Ahmed brothers were in after they retired, and were not able to return to Vietnam to see their 83 – year – old mother, the team called for donations to buy plane tickets to help the brothers come back to the place where they were born.

This idea was approved and received positive responses from the Algerian – Vietnamese community, and the team soon gathered enough money that was donated by many people, including officials and employees of the Embassy of Vietnam that also participate in volunteer activities with the community.

Finally, the community bought the tickets for Ahmed to come back to Vietnam and reunite with his biological mother. The rest of the donation was used by the Association for the next charity of the community. The embassy guided the procedures, basic communication in Vietnamese, explained the differences in eating and drinking habits, etc, which made it easier for Ahmed when the mother and son met.

On October 13, Vinh’s family drove from Bac Ninh to Noi Bay International Airport to greet Ahmed for the first time. The Algerian – Vietnamese community was delighted and happy to see the photos of Ahmed kissing his beloved mother’s hands with all his love and respect.


The joy of reunion between the two after 58 years was so hard to describe in words. After all the hardships, Vinh could finally smile happily that she was able to see her first son again, even though she could not meet her middle son yet due to family situations.

This is the happiest event of the Vietnamese - Algerian community in 2022 - the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Algeria. This is also the success of the Vietnamese Embassy in Algeria in its constant efforts to connect the expatriate community in Algeria with their long-lost families.

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