COVID-19 Updates (August 20): E Hospital in Hanoi halts receiving patients, provinces raises caution

Acting Minister Nguyen Thanh Long said that COVID-19 will continue to spread in the community. Therefore, localities must prepare for a prolonged fight against the pandemic.
August 20, 2020 | 08:51
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Hospital E was blocked on the night of August 19 (Photo: VOV)

Hanoi have 1 fresh infection, E hospital stops receiving new patients

On the morning of August 20, the Ministry of Health recorded a new COVID-19 patient, an 87-year-old male in Phu Tho, who had just come to Hanoi for treatment at E Hospital on August 12. This is case number 994, the source of infection has not yet been determined.

On the evening of August 19, E Hospital temporarily stopped receiving patients from 8:00 pm to carry out epidemic prevention activities and search for the source of transmission. Initially, 68 F1 was identified as relevant to the patient.

After taking the first sample for testing, all F1 were negative, on the evening of August 19, all people who had contact with the patient were sampled for the second time. CDC Hanoi also sprayed and sterilized the whole hospital, according to Tuoi Tre.

The director of the Medical Administration Department Luong Ngoc Khue immediately worked with the hospital. Here, Mr. Khue asked the Phu Tho Department of Health to investigate the epidemiology of the patient's family in Thanh Ba, Phu Tho, and suggested that the hospital have a plan for isolating and treating the patient if it had to block the hospital.

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Hai Phong re-established more than 2,400 checkpoints in each residential area (Photo: Gia Dinh va Xa Hoi)

Hai Phong re-established more than 2,400 checkpoints in each residential area

Chairman of the City People's Committee, Head of the Steering Committee for the prevention of epidemics Covid-19 Hai Phong Mr. Nguyen Van Tung has just signed a document on the rapid improvement of measures to prevent COVID-19 pandemic in the new situation.

Accordingly, Hai Phong decided to re-establish 2,400 epidemic control posts in villages and residential groups to carry out epidemic prevention, cited by Tien Phong.

From August 19, Hai Phong asked its citizens not to go out of the house if not absolutely necessary, regularly wash their hands, wear a mask when going out, keep a minimum distance of 1,5m when communicating with others, not concentrate in a crowd of more than 20 people in public areas. Restaurants, pubs, cafes, and beverage establishments must strictly comply with regulations on pandemic prevention.

Residents and workers coming from pandemic areas of Hai Duong cannot enter or leave Hai Phong. Hai Phong also requested the closure of all roads connecting to Hai Duong. 9 quarantine posts at the gateway to the city started operating today.

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In Da Nang, mobile vehicles go daily to residential areas to propagate about prevention and control of epidemics in the community (Photo: TTXVN)

Acting Minister of Health: Provinces need to be in most caution in COVID-19 prevention

On the afternoon of August 19, in Hanoi, Professor-Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long, Acting Minister of Health, chaired an online briefing on COVID-19 epidemic prevention with leaders of the Department of Health of localities.

At the meeting, Professor-Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long emphasized: Although the COVID-19 outbreak in Da Nang, Quang Nam has been put under control, the Ministry of Health said that pandemic infections will continue to appear in large scale in the community.

Therefore, localities must raise their caution to the highest level for early detection, timely isolation, localization, and suppression of the epidemic, to avoid the epidemic spreading to the community, recorded by Vietnam Plus.

The Acting Minister emphasized that the supervision activities is very important. He has asked pharmacies to closely monitor all suspected drug purchases that have symptoms of illness, cough, fever. If the patients and the pharmacies do not notify the authorities and medical facilities, they are required to be strictly fined.

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Despite the crowds of people coming to the ceremony, Phu Tay Ho was forced to close its doors to fight the pandemic. (Photo: NCOV.MOH)

Phu Tay Ho Temple was forced to closed to fight against the pandemic

After recording pictures of Phu Tay Ho crowded with people praying on August 19, or the 1st day of the 7th month in Lunar calendar, Hanoi City People's Committee requested to temporarily close this place to fight against the epidemic.

On the afternoon of August 19, at the meeting of the Steering Committee for COVID-19 prevention and control in Hanoi, Mr. Do Anh Tuan - Chairman of Tay Ho District People's Committee said: although the district instructed Quang An ward to strictly comply to pandemic prevention methods, however, in the afternoon of August 19, Phu Tay Ho received an unexpectedly high number of visitors, making it hard to guarantee the epidemic prevention activities.

Therefore, according to the Ministry of Health, the district directed Quang An ward to temporarily close Phu Tay Ho.

Mr. Tuan said: "In the coming time, we will continue to direct the closure of Phu Tay Ho to combat the epidemic if the number of people flocks to this temple does not decrease."

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