Five irresistible specialties of Vietnam’s Ly Son Island

The trip to Ly Son Island, off the coast of Quang Ngai Province, is totally incomplete if tourists miss out on the opportunity to savor the following tasty specialties of this island.
September 16, 2020 | 06:57
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“Bun cha ca” (grilled chopped fish) noodle soup

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Photo: Vietravel/ via Du lich Vietnam

“Bun cha ca” (grilled chopped fish) noodle soup on Ly Son Island owns a distinguishing taste that cannot be found anywhere. A bowl of Bun cha ca contains soft noodles, sliced grilled chopped fish, and sweet broth simmered from fish bones. Bun cha ca is served with fresh vegetables, according to Du lich Vietnam (Vietnam Travel).

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Photo: Vntrip/ via Du lich Vietnam

The top restaurants to sample Bun Cha Ca are Phuong Chau and Bich Vien. With the airy space, whole-hearted services, and especially reasonably priced food, Phuong Chau and Bich Vien restaurants put a strong impression on eaters.

“Nhum nuong mo hanh” (Onion-grilled sea urchin)

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Photo: Dichoilyson/ via Du lich Vietnam

Sea urchin can be cooked into many delicacies but onion-grilled sea urchin is the best one.

The sweetness of sea urchin, the fragrance of spring onion, and the fat taste of peanuts will definitely satisfy the choosiest diners.

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Photo: Phuotdaolyson/ via Du lich Vietnam

It is advisable for tourists to enjoy sea urchins on Ly Son Island in March since at this time they are abundant and reasonably priced. Onion-grilled sea urchins are dipped into mustard or lemon pepper salt. Besides, sea urchin porridge is also preferred by visitors.

Phat Hai, Bien Nho, Dai Hang, Thanh Loi are among the best restaurants offering sea urchin dishes with a price of VND 50,000 to 500,000 (US$2-US$22).

“Cua Huynh De” (King crab)

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Photo: Ivivu/ via Du lich Vietnam

Ly Son Island is home to many “Cua Huynh De” (King crabs). King crab is said to be really healthy and rich- nutrient.

The name “Cua Huynh De” is derived from the fact that it used to be offered to the King. King crab can be roasted with tamarind and salt, grilled or steamed.

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Photo: Baomoi/ via Du lich Vietnam

Compared to other types of seafood, crabs are highly appreciated for their quality. King crab’s meat is thick and sweet. King crab is at a price of about 1 million VND/ kg (US$43).

Tourists can enjoy this delicious dish at the night market or some restaurants like Long Hien, about 30m from Ly Son Port, or Bien Nho with the beautiful view looking out of the blue sea.

“Goi rong bien” (Seaweed salad)

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Photo: Phuotdaolyson/ via Du lich Vietnam

“Goi rong bien” (Seaweed salad) is another mouth-watering specialty of Ly Son Island. Its ingredients include chopped seaweed, oil, and spices such as fish sauce, lemon, and sugar. After combining all of these together, seaweed salad is added with herbs and roasted peanuts to create an intriguing dish.

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Photo: Dichoidaolyson/ via Du lich Vietnam

“Goi toi” (Garlic salad)

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Photo: Vntrip/ via Du lich Vietnam

Ly Son Island is known as the “kingdom of garlic” with endless stretches of garlic fields. Therefore, it is a pity if you miss out on the opportunity to taste garlic salad. A plate of garlic salad consists of young garlics, grilled rice paper, fried onion, roasted peanuts, chili, cilantro, and herbs.

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Photo: Vietravel/ via Du lich Vietnam

“Goi toi” (Garlic salad) is served with coconut milk sauce or sweet and sour fish sauce. Each bite of garlic salad includes the quintessence of the island. This rustic and simple dish conquers the heart of any diners trying it for the first time.

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