How Combating Your “Inner Heat” May Keep You Healthy In Today’s Environment

All across the world, societies, countries, and communities are being impacted by a global pandemic. While many experts are rushing to create a vaccine that will allow our communities to return to a normal state of affairs, the rest of us are searching for ways to keep ourselves, our family members, and businesses healthy and strong.
March 15, 2021 | 11:03
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It’s no small feat, and many are struggling to find ways to keep moving forward despite the environment we are in. For Tan Hiep Phat (THP), we find ourselves in a unique position as we are not only concerned for the health of family and our business, but our business produces products that can actually help the health of those who consume them.

Our focus has always been to provide the highest quality products made with the highest quality ingredients, resulting in some of the most consumed beverages throughout our country. Our dedication to this has influenced how we conduct business and manufacture our products. For example, THP’s ten aseptic production lines ensure the most hygienic, advanced bottling systems in the world. Aseptic production is the latest technology and sophistication that seals in all the natural ingredients and freshness of the product protecting it for at least 12 months.

However, our success is the result of more than our state-of-the-art business practices. It literally boils down to the ingredients we use and how we use them. What makes THP stand out above the rest even more is our possession of an ancient Vietnamese secret. These secret recipes for each of our drinks combine nine essential herbs through the wonderful blending that creates unmatched taste.

Combating Inner Heat, The Key to Success

The unique combination of these ingredients which include, honeysuckle, monk fruit, chrysanthemum, prunella, mesona, red silk-cotton, plumeria, microscos, and licorice, provide immune-boosting functions by leveraging the very ingredients used in many traditional Eastern medicines.

The reason this particular combination of ingredients is so effective is it targets “inner heat” that occurs within the body. An ancient concept widely understood in the East, the body’s harmony becomes out of balance resulting in internal processes accumulating “heat” and “dampness” causing “inner heat.”

To give further explanation of this concept, here’s an excerpt from a Post Magazine article: Eastern Medicine “categorises food lèung (“cooling”), yiht hei (“warming”) and neutral – and practitioners use the nature of the foods to balance the body’s yin and yang… if you consume too much food that is yiht hei (“heaty, causing internal body heat”) you are liable to develop symptoms such as a sore throat, cough, mouth ulcers, acne, sore eyes and tiredness. If you eat yiht hei food, then, according to TCM, you need to consume something chīng yiht (“cooling”) to clear the heat and toxins, cool and calm the blood and nourish your yin. Typical cooling drinks include lèung chà (“cool tea”), such as chrysanthemum tea and yah sei meihI.”

Addressing this “inner heat” directly leads to a stronger immune-boosting system within the body, allowing it to naturally fend off these conditions that can result of a weaken immune system. In today’s environment, where those who are faced with existing health challenges are at greater risk, as well as those on the frontline who are helping those impacted by COVID-19, it’s crucial that access to health-boosting products are readily available.

Phuong Uyen Tran

We Are All In This Together

Understanding the position and times we are in – manufacturing a product that directly combats “inner heat” by leveraged a number of “cooling” and immune system-boosting ingredients – THP has made it a priority to help make these health-supporting beverages accessible to those who can benefit from it most. We have delivered tens of thousands of flagship Dr Thanh Herbal Tea cases to quarantine zones throughout Vietnam.

As I stated in a recent article written for the Vietnam Times, “I’m very proud to be running a company that can do our part to help in some way. We are sending our drinks to various group quarantine facilities. It’s not only as a gesture to support the morale of all those who are in quarantine but first and foremost, we want to make sure our brave frontline fighters are as strong and healthy as they can be to bring us out of this difficult time.”

One of THP’s core values is our responsibility to the communities and societies we operate in and serve.

After all, as I address in Competing With Giants, communities are healthier and more sustainable if they are supported by local businesses, which have a tangible stake in their success. These relationships are especially important in trying times, like those we are in now. Our desire is to continue our efforts in helping our community beat COVID-19.

Moving Forward in Today’s Environment

I was recently asked by the Vietnam Times how THP initially responded to the onset of COVID-19 and how we have subsequently been able to deploy our response strategy. Looking beyond the temporary setbacks in supply chain relationships due to lockdowns and other disruptions, I simply responded that at the heart of responding to this crisis is mentality. As my father always advised, nothing is impossible, and we are in control of how we choose to respond to any given situation.

For THP, we have not allowed fear to paralyze and prevent what needs to be done. As soon as the Covid-19 broke out, we took necessary precautions given by the Ministry of Health for the wellbeing of our team and set up a quick response committee, working fast every morning or whenever necessary. Each day, division heads had to report in as much detail as possible their team’s performance, problems and possible solutions that we could discuss and align to a plan. We have adopted a “quick response without hurry” approach that allows us to keep our staff safe while efficiently manufacturing quality products that our community needs.

The impact of COVID-19 has been severe for many, but we continue to look for opportunities within this challenging environment to improve and find ways to effectively deliver on THP’s core values. Right now, our priority is to continue delivering the health benefits of those nine secret ingredients – within the delicious products we manufacture – to as many as we can!

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