Miss Intercontinental Takes Tourists To Discover The Beauty Of Tay Do

Following in the footsteps of Miss Intercontinental Bao Ngoc back to Tay Do, visitors can experience the king's homeland, which now has more than just "white rice and clear water," and get lost in the beauty of nature.
September 15, 2023 | 10:25

Appearing in a tourism promotion video with the theme "Can Tho - River City," Miss Intercontinental Bao Ngoc took tourists to explore her rural homeland full of simplicity, and lyricism but extremely charming.

With a length of just over 2 minutes, the video has brought realistic and vivid footage of the vast, peaceful, and beautiful nature that touched the hearts of viewers.

This video is an activity of the Tourism Information Center (Vietnam National Tourism Administration) to promote communication and tourism on digital platforms and apply technology in the development of tourism.

Miss Intercontinental Takes Tourists To Discover The Beauty Of Tay Do
Miss Bao Ngoc in front of Binh Thuy's ancient house. Photo: Vietnam+

Beautiful footages depict the true beauty of the Western urban area, inviting visitors to explore the pristine natural scenery, and experiencing the unique indigenous culture. Can Tho is also memorable for its simplicity and lyricism, depicting the image of pure nature, harmoniously blended with modern life.

Known as the capital of the Southwest region, Can Tho is like a precious gem that nature has bestowed on the Mekong Delta. Visitors will experience ecological models and gardens; and sit on boats and canoes to admire each village surrounded by coconut groves and lush fruit gardens under the sunlight.

One of the characteristics of the West is the unique floating market on the river. Located on the Can Tho River, the Cai Rang floating market was initially formed as a place for people to buy and sell goods, until now it has gradually become an interesting and colorful tourist destination.

Miss Intercontinental Takes Tourists To Discover The Beauty Of Tay Do
Cai Rang Floating Market. Photo: Vietnam+

The impressive video also present the bustling sounds of the engine, the sound of rowing water, the waves lapping the boat, and the sounds of the floating market with boats filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, and local specialties. Today, floating markets have become a typical cultural feature of the people of the Mekong Delta.

Not only endowed with captivating beauty by nature, Can Tho also attracts tourists with architectural works imbued with historical and cultural values. Binh Thuy's ancient house has existed for nearly 150 years, with the beauty of the intersection of East and West cultures. The interior arrangement is very sophisticated and meticulous. Around the house, flowers bloom in all four seasons, creating a lively and fresh scenery.

In the journey to find the roots, the Temple of the Hung Kings is the sacred connection point, the architectural work creates a bright spot of the historical and cultural value of Can Tho. With a unique design, and meticulous in every detail, the Temple recreates the entire source of the nation's history through folk tales, heroic legends, and tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

Miss Intercontinental Takes Tourists To Discover The Beauty Of Tay Do
Photo: Vietnam+

Although the cuisine uses rustic, Western ingredients, local people have a very special way of preparing it to create their own flavor. Duck and Fermented Tofu is a typical delicious dish of the Southern region, especially in Can Tho. This dish is not elegant in look, but it is quite popular because of its flavourful taste. A pot of duck and fermented tofu soup is served with noodles and raw vegetables. In particular, this dish is enjoyed in the cool winter weather will be much better. Many travel companies have put Duck and Fermented Tofu on the menu as unskippable Can Tho food.

In addition to fully preserving its pristine features, the western city of Can Tho has also caught up with new tourism trends with outstanding products such as MICE tourism, and resort services, entertainment, and high-class sports.

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