National Flags make spotlight all over Hanoi streets on the celebration of Independence Day

Many central streets of Hanoi capital these days are filled with red national flags, lavishly decorated on the 75th anniversary of the National Day (September 2, 1945 - September 2, 2020).
hanoi adorned with flags and banners in celebration of independence day september 2 Hanoi adorned with flags and banners in celebration of Independence Day (September 2)
vietnams northern village with 75 years embroidering national flags as tradition Vietnams' northern village with 75 years embroidering national flags as tradition
picture national flags simultaneously hung up hanoi apartment raising covid 10 fight spirit Picture: National flags simultaneously hung up Hanoi apartment raising Covid-10 fight spirit
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Under the statue of King Ly Thai To on Hoan Kiem Lake, the Party flags and the national flags flutter in the early autumn morning. (Photo: Dan Tri)
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Hanoi's Old Quarter is filled with flags in celebration of National Day September 2 (Photo: Dan Tri)
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Vietnam's red flag with yellow star is hanging along the street of Hanoi. (Photo: Dan Tri)
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Hanoi capital is splendidly decorated for the 75th anniversary of the National Day. (Photo: Dan Tri)
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Image of an apartment building on Tam Trinh Street. (Photo: Dan Tri)
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Seventy-five years ago, on September 2, 1945, President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence to establish the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. (Photo: Dan Tri)
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Over the past 75 years, Vietnam has reaped a range of important achievements with high economic growth, improved living conditions of people, maintained socio-political stability, ensured defense and security, expanded external relations, and made active and responsible contributions to peace and cooperation in the region and the world. (Photo: Dan Tri)
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These great and historical achievements proved the strong spirit and will of the Vietnamese nation and affirmed its role as a reliable friend and partner of the international community. (Photo: Dan Tri)
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Amid the complicated developments of the pandemic, Vietnam has stepped up diplomatic activities and donated medical supplies to 40 countries and organisations. (Photo: Dan Tri)
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On the morning of September 2, on the National Day holiday, Hanoi's streets were also quieter than usual. (Photo: Kenh14)
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There are no long lines of vehicles on the street, no traffic jams at peak hours ... instead, Hanoi stays peaceful in the early morning. (Photo: Kenh14)
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On the occasion of the National Day, many foreign leaders send their congratulation notes to Vietnam. (Photo: Kenh14)
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The international press also published a series of articles praising the success of the August Revolution and the development process of Vietnam in the last century. (Photo: Kenh14)
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The National Flag flutters on the Hanoi Flagpole - a historic site associated with the image of the capital. (Photo: Kenh14)
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Many Hanoi people ride old bicycles or walking around the old streets of Hanoi as a remembrance of the Independence Day (September 2, 1945 - September 2, 2020). (Photo: Kenh14)
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Banners to celebrate the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam are hung around the streets. (Photo: Kenh14)
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