Overseas Vietnamese Intellectual Community Connects To Promote National Development

Artificial intelligence, digital transformation, environment, and renewable energy were topics discussed by the Vietnamese intellectual community abroad at the "Innovation Day 2024" on June 21 at the headquarters of the Vietnamese Embassy in Brussels, Belgium.
June 25, 2024 | 11:53
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The Vietnam Innovation Network in Europe (VINEU) organized the event. With the message "Innovation for Success." the event is an opportunity for Vietnamese experts, scientists, and businessmen in Europe to share, exchange, and promote cooperation in innovation and technology.

This connection helps improve the quality of life and plays an important role in building a sustainable and developed economy for Vietnam.

Overseas Vietnamese Intellectual Community Connects To Promote National Development
Delegates discuss at Innovation Day 2024. Photo: VNA

Innovation Day 2024 includes three main sessions. At the in-depth discussion session on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Transformation, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Warwick University (UK) presented AI research trends in the next 5 years and what Vietnam needs to do to join this global trend.

Delegates discussed the impact of AI on many fields in Vietnam such as computer science, banking, battery manufacturing, automobiles, textiles, and electronics.

During the discussion session on the environment and renewable energy, the Deputy General Director of Green Cycle Company presented a zero-waste solution for Vietnam's Net Zero goal in 2050. He emphasized that zero waste is not only an environmental goal but also a social responsibility.

In regards to “Digital Humanity: The Key to Solving Environmental and Renewable Energy Challenges,” Professor Huan X. Nguyen, Chairman of the Vietnamese Intellectual Association in the United Kingdom said that digital replication technology will help people optimize resource use and minimize environmental impact.

The third discussion session related to experiences in technology transfer and investment in Vietnam. Vo Xuan Hoai, Deputy Director of the Vietnam National Innovation Center (NIC) is committed to creating favorable conditions for businesses and start-ups. Boris Bogaert, Vice President of PitchDrive Company, assessed that Vietnam is an attractive destination for startup investors with a favorable business environment.

Through meetings and exchanges at Innovation Day 2024, businesses and research organizations have been connected. The parties have found new directions and cooperation opportunities to develop innovative projects, contributing to the overall development of Vietnam.

According to Pham Huy Hoang, Chairman of VINEU, the "Innovation Festival" held every two years is the most invested professional event from VINEU, affirming the important role of innovation in Vietnam's sustainable development.

“VINEU is continuing to expand its network to attract more Vietnamese experts and intellectuals abroad, provide information for experts to participate in projects that the government needs, and support Vietnamese businesses to access new technology,” Dr. Pham Huy Hoang said.

Speaking at Innovation Day 2024, the Vietnamese Ambassador to Belgium, Head of the Vietnamese Delegation to the European Union (EU) Nguyen Van Thao said that innovation is the key to development for all countries globally.

Vietnam needs international cooperation to promote this field and utilize overseas Vietnamese knowledge resources through VINEU.

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