The happiness of recovered COVID-19 patients as donating blood plasma

"I am happy to do this" shared Ms. Kelly Michelle Koch (The 83), who had recovered from Covid-19, during a blood donation registration session at the Central Hospital for Tropical Disease on the morning of August 12, according to VOV.
August 12, 2020 | 23:15
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Morning August 12, 5 more patients recovering of COVID-19 have been screened and tested their blood in order to donate plasma for other patients, according to VOV.

Ms. Kelly Michelle Koch, American, used to be infected COVID-19, patient 83, appeared at the Central Tropical Disease Hospital from early morning to register plasma donation. According to that, Kelly has been working for 7 years in an NGO in Vietnam. She was tested positive with COVID-19 after the trip from Europe, then, was isolated and treated at Cu Chi Makeshift Hospital (HCMC). After the call for plasma donation of recovered COVID-19 patients, she flew from HCMC for registration

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Ms. Kelly, patient 83, came to Central Tropical Disease Hospital to register plasma donation. Photo: VOV

"Not everyone is as lucky as I am as recovering completely from COVID-19. I am so thankful for Vietnamese Government as well as doctors taking care of me during the treatment. Currently, the coronavirus situation goes in complicated ways. It is time for me to help others," Ms. Kelly shared.

She also hoped that her plasma would be helpful for severe COVID-19 at this moment. "We have a lot to donate and may donate easily," she said, "I feel really happy as doing this."

Ms. Cat Thi Yen (1999, Hung Yen), patient 155 treated in Bac Lieu, said that when being infected coronavirus, she was initially panic. However, thanks to the doctors, she felt calm again. She also had registered plasma donation via the hospital's hotline since August 10, and was tested today.

"Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it raises the number of death tolls. So it will be my pleasure if I could contribute somewhat to save those patients, which is also to reciprocate people's help during my treatment," Yen said.

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Kelly was taking blood for testing. Photo: VOV

Doctor Vu Thi Thu Huong, Head of Outpatient Department, Central Tropical Disease Hospital, Giai Phong Center, said that after a week of calling for plasma donation, there were a number of concerns. At this time, 17 volunteers filled in the registration. The hospital has already tested and screened 9 people, two of whom met the standards to donate plasma for Covid-19 patients.

Why needs to take plasma from recovered patients?

According to Doctor Vu Thi Thu Huong, because coronavirus becomes more complicated and there is still no official drugs or vaccines, plasma is considered as a safe and effective treatment, especially for serious patients.

"The method passes 3 stages. After circling the recovered, they are screened and tested blood to meet enough conditions. Finally, the plasma will be transfused to the patients." Dr. Huong said.

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Ms. Cat Thi Yen (1999, Hung Yen), patient 155 was testing her plasma. Photo: VOV

Also by Dr. Huong, the blood of people recovering from Covid-19 contains many specific antibodies, which effectively combats the cause of the disease. This is a passive antibody therapy and is the only way of providing antibodies against the virus immediately.

Conditions to donate plasma

The donators must comply with a strict screening and testing - being diagnosed positive with SARS-CoV-2 via PCR, and discharging in at least 2 weeks. The ages of donators must vary from 18 to 65, with the standard weight of over 50kg for males and over 45kg for females. The blood will be also tested with hepatitis A or B, HIV, tuberculosis,...

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Doctor Vu Thi Thu Huong, Head of Outpatient Department, Central Tropical Disease Hospital, Giai Phong Center. Photo: VOV

The results take about 1-3 days to test the conditions of plasma. This will then be protected at -18 to -25 degrees within 12 months. "We hope that those who were infected COVID-19 before are willing to share and contribute somehow to coronavirus defense," Huong said.

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