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Thousands of COVID-19 masks for local doctors in Germany sewed by Vietnamese

15:30 | 05/04/2020

Joind hands together with native community to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic in their host country, groups of Vietnamese nationals living in Germany have sewed thousands of face masks for local residents and medical workers.

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The coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on Germany with more than 91,000 infections and 2,300 deaths confirmed as of April 4. Many health facilities are crying out for medical supplies, especially face masks which are in short supply.

In response to the appeal, a group of Vietnamese nationals living in Dresden called on the Vietnamese community to land a helping hand to local residents. The Vietnam Cultural Association in Dresden was the first to take part in the campaign by presenting 2,000 face masks to Vincentius hospital.

thousands of covid 19 masks for local doctors in germany sewed by vietnamese
Vietnamese nationals work hard to sew masks for German residents (Photo: VOV)

“Vietnamese nationals in Dresden have sewn thousands of face masks for hospitals, nursing homes and other medical centres, as well as residents in the city,” said Thien Nga Vo, a campaigner. “We encouraged everyone to contribute clothing for mask making just in case the pandemic is spreading on a large scale.”

thousands of covid 19 masks for local doctors in germany sewed by vietnamese
A representative of the Vietnam Cultural Association in Dresden hands over the first batch of face masks to a representative of Vincentius hospital (Photo: VOV)

In the coastal city of Rostock, the Vietnam Business Association here campaigned for mask sewing by collaborating tailors and philanthropists. On April 2, they handed over the first batch of 2,500 face masks to Klinikum Südstadt hospital.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese nationals in Berlin capital were singled out in Germany for delivering medical supplies to medical facilities in the country.

The humanitarian campaign attracted many groups of Vietnamese nationals in the capital, including GoldStar Berlin and Dong Xuan Women Association, alongside businesses operating at Dong Xuan Commercial Centre.

thousands of covid 19 masks for local doctors in germany sewed by vietnamese
Doctors and nurses at Charité Berlin hospital receive Vietnamese meals (Phôt: VOV)

On March 31, about 1,000 first medical masks and 30 boxes of disinfectants were given to Lichtenberg district. Receiving the gifts, a representative of the Lichtenberg council thanked the Vietnamese people for their heartfelt support and said the gifts would be delivered to hospitals, first-aid workers, firefighters and on-duty policemen.

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