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Boston Marathon to be postponed to September 2020

April 10, 2020 | 16:20

The world's oldest running marathon Boston Marathon has to be postponed its time from April 20 to September 14 due to nCoV concerns.

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boston marathon to be postponed to september 2020

The city of Boston in March banned all gatherings to avoid the risk of spreading nCoV. Shortly thereafter, the Boston Athletics Association (BAA) - the owner of the Boston Marathon - also announced the delay of this run this year, and postponed the organization time.

"In order to work with Massachusetts, Boston City must take all necessary measures to ensure the health of the community, BAA agrees with the city's decision that the Boston Marathon cannot take place on April 20, 2020. We will do our best to postpone the time for the 124th Boston Marathon to Monday, September 14, 2020", the BAA statement said.

The Boston Marathon is the oldest marathon in the world, first taking place in 1897. For over 100 years, despite wars, extreme weather and periods of crisis, this race has always taken place on April every year.

This year, BAA initially wanted to keep the traditional time of running. But as Covid-19 becomes a pandemic and spreading at a fast pace, over the past weeks, the Boston authorities and seven other localities on the 42,195km runway constantly pressed the proposal to postpone the marathon.

boston marathon to be postponed to september 2020

Many have argued that the overcrowding of people - with 31,000 registered athletes and about 1 million athletes having a tradition of high-fives, even embracing athletes along the way - creates too much health risk. The pressure was even greater with BAA after Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker declared a statewide emergency.

According to Expat Explore, the Boston Marathon is an annual, prestigious running event. It takes place throughout various cities in the greater Boston area in Massachusetts. The Boston Marathon began in 1897, with only 15 participants, and is the world’s oldest annual marathon! Today, the marathon draws runners from far and wide, and spectators line the streets. The jovial atmosphere is legendary.

The Boston Marathon is one of the six most prestigious marathons in the world under the World Marathon Majors system. The remaining five tournaments are New York City Marathon, Chicago Marathon, London Marathon, Berlin Marathon and Tokyo Marathon. Besides reputation, the Boston Marathon also brings great economic benefits to the city. This annual tournament brings about $ 200 million to the local economy, and about $ 36 million to be donated by the athletes to charitable causes.

In order to participate in the Boston Marathon, athletes must go through the screening process according to the input that is very difficult. The organizers of this run will receive athletes registered according to the top-to-bottom performance, prioritizing those with high performance according to the rank: More than the 20-minute rule, more than the 10-minute rule and 5-minute rule, according to VnExpress.

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