Former Australian Ambassador: Vietnam won the peace in COVID-19 fight

The Australian Financial Review today (June 19) published an article by Former Australian Ambassador in Vietnam, Mr. John McCarthy, which analyzed the "remarkable" rise of Vietnam and what Canberra needs to take notice of the success. “Vietnam’s response to COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated its competence. It has unequivocally won the peace”, he assessed.
June 20, 2020 | 06:37
israel showed admiration for vietnams success in combating covid 19 Israel showed admiration for Vietnam's success in combating Covid-19
pm affirmed vietnams success in covid 19 fight during interview with international press PM affirmed Vietnam's success in COVID-19 fight during interview with international press
vietnams success in covid 19 fight receives constant praises Vietnam's success in COVID-19 fight receives constant praises

Opening the article, Mr. McCarthy wrote “In Hanoi in the early 80s, the small group of representatives from non-communist countries frequently asked itself whether, having won the war, Vietnam would win the peace.”

Previously on May 21, the international magazine Politico concluded that Vietnam is the best country in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic in the world based on two aspects of public health and economy.

The Former Australian Ambassador in Vietnam affirmed that the data related to Vietnam's COVID-19 epidemic has been "reliable", because thanks to its previous experience in combating the SARS pandemic, Vietnam had offered appropriate policies and fast responses.

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The Former Australian Ambassador in Vietnam Joh McCarthy Photo: Bao Moi

In terms of the economic field, Mr. McCarthy said that despite severely impacted by the coronavirus, Vietnam’s economy is highly likely to reach the growth of 2.7% according to the forecast of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a far more optimistic situation than many other countries in the world.

He strongly emphasized that Vietnam’s rise is remarkable because, after the war, Vietnam's economy was surpassed by other Southeast Asian countries for a long way. However, then, Vietnam’s economy grew faster than its neighboring countries; Vietnam also joined ASEAN, established relations with the West, especially with the US, reported Bao Moi.

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Vietnam has achieved remarkable success in fighting with COVID-19 Photo: Reuters

The Former Ambassador also praised the way that Vietnam has skillfully handled diplomatic matters, especially in ones associated with China, and perhaps Australia rarely faces these same situations.

Australia's foreign policy system has been aware of the importance of Vietnam - but that's not enough, said Mr. McCarthy. Last year, Prime Minister Scott Morrison paid a visit to Hanoi which was an official one of an Australian Prime Minister to Vietnam since 1992.

"It is time for us to take Vietnam as a top priority in our relationships with Asian nations. This will help us promote our own interests, and of course, we also can learn valuable lessons", concluded Mr. McCarthy.

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