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Vietnamese fishermen | Latest updated news - Page 1
March 07, 2021 19:29 | About us
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First joyful voyages as new year coming

First joyful voyages as new year coming

10:16 | 03/03/2021

Right in the first days of the new year of Ox, along with the joy of Tet, the fishermen in the Central region are eager to get materials to "open the sea" in the new year with the wish of a better business year so that their family can gain wealth thanks to the sea.

Ships going aground at sea

Ships going aground at sea

09:24 | 03/10/2020

Quang Ngai's seafarers face trouble when they have been continuously bullied by foreign ships on the Hoang Sa's waters of our country. Many people fell into bankruptcy when going home because the ship had only a empty wooden shell.

Great battle against ocean

Great battle against ocean's monsters

09:11 | 29/09/2020

The sea hunters have, not a few times, been terrified by "monsters", which are the big fish. Many fishermen even had to pay by their own lives.

Meals on the waves of homeless lives

Meals on the waves of homeless lives

09:06 | 29/09/2020

"The daily activities including eating and sleeping of 9 seafarers facing a lot of obstacles to survive together on about 4m2 cabin"

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