The US election from view of Vietnamese community in the US: holding breath waiting for final result

Election Night can be exhausting. And the coronavirus pandemic, historic mail-in voting, looming legal fights and a President chiseling away at the pillars of US democracy will add an extra layer of angst as votes are counted across America. The Vietnamese community in the US is still holding their breath waiting for the final result. There will be tears and smiles! Just hope for peace and happiness in the US ...
November 04, 2020 | 15:04
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President Donald Trump's supporters reacted when monitoring election results in New York City on April 4. Photo: Reuters

We don't know who will win or when we will know the result (it could be the end of the week if the count is close). But we do know that a historic turnout is possible — 100 million Americans have already cast an early ballot. And no matter who wins, the President elected today will be the oldest ever.

The winner needs 270 electoral votes (apportioned to states by population) to capture the White House, and both Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden have potential routes to victory across the vast US political map. Remember, it doesn't matter who gets the most votes nationwide.

The US presidential election has always been a major historical milestone of this country. The US is the superpower of the politic, economy, military worldwide..., and its policy of the new president and the cabinet ... has a profound effect on other countries around the world.

During last four years as the boss of the White House, President Donald Trump - a person with no political experience, was underestimated in 2016, making a spectacular feat: changing many economic and political policies, diplomatic relations, domestic changes... for example the tough policy of taxing on goods imported from China and encouraging the American people to use "Made in US" ​​goods. Considered a strange breeze on American politics, Trump with his "as straight as an arrow" statements and how to enact decrees and laws in the form of "executive order" (supreme order from the White House, without waiting Congress vote) makes the American people clearly love or hate him.

Voters who support Trump are determined to "live and die" with him, while those who do not like are willing to vote for Joe Biden or any other candidate as long as it is not Trump with the statement "Vote him out" . The differences in the Covid-19 policies, a very painful issue now in America, are also the basis for voters to choose their president.

Watching the US election from abroad? Here's what you need to know
Queue to vote from 6 am on November 3.

The Jewish quarters like Midwood and Borough Park are full of "Trump 2020" signs. This is a phenomenon because in the past New York was the headquarters of the Democrats.

Houston: A family divided into 2 camps

The Vietnamese community in Houston (Texas) has never been as deeply divided as this 2020 US election. Even in the same family, the same group of friends also have different perspectives.

Watching the US election from abroad? Here's what you need to know
Most screens in the bar are "requisition" to broadcast live the 2020 US election

Jenny Nguyen (25 years old) born in the US shared: “I drove my father to vote early (October 28), my father voted for Trump and I supported Biden. My aunt and uncle all vote for Trump and the children support Biden ” The Mr. and Mrs. Thuan-Nga's family operates a restaurant business, the whole family is divided into two sides, the grandparents support Trump to mobilize his friends to vote for Trump and the children vote for Biden. Doctor Hung Cao's family has always supported the Democratic candidates. This year, their family also voted for Biden because they agree with "Mr. Biden's policy protecting the rights of the poor in America". Trung (44 years old) - the owner of the barber shop of the same name in the Bellaire area said: “This shopping mall is holding events to support Trump every weekend. The Vietnamese from Houston have openly supported the Republican Party for these years. This time, it was different, many Vietnamese voters with a little reputation in the community came out to support the Democratic Party… So our community was also a bit disturbed ”.

Watching the US election from abroad? Here's what you need to know
The waitress and guests both held their breath to monitor the election results.

On November 3 and 4, the stressful 24 hours of election day and vote count. The US presidential election is an opportunity for people to bet such as sporting events. Americans love to gather at home or at a bar to see the results. This year, because of the order of social distancing, the atmosphere for the elections watching is also quite quiet. Many people also choose the safe method of watching voting with friends or family via Zoom or Facetime. They talked gossip about the election results online, while watching the screens at home.

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