US News today: Trump administration sues former national security adviser

American people die of Covid-19 more than death of World War I, Trump administration sues to block book of John Bolton, the US raised voice in China and India disputes and the 75 year-old protester man shoved on ground in New York had fractured skull and cannot walk are remarkable news updated today.
June 17, 2020 | 15:44
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American people die of Covid-19 pandemic
more than death of the World War I

The US recorded 118,535 deaths from SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is higher than the total number of Americans who died of disease and fought during the World War I, AFP reported.

5619 my covid
A painted picture with Covid-19 theme to encourage people in the US. Photo: AFP

The US, which is worst-hardest pandemic region in the world, reported an additional of 8,473 cases and 268 deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of infected people to nearly 2.2 million, of which 118,535 died.

5750 my thiet bi xet nghiem
Covid-19 testing device produced by Abbott in the US. Photo: Business Insider

This number is even higher than the number of Americans killed in the World War I, one of the bloodiest wars in the 20th century.

The US Army mobilized a total of 4.7 million soldiers during the World War I (1914-1918), of which 116,516 were killed. Among these ones, 63,114 soldiers were killed mainly by the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918, 53,402 people died from war.

0131 my covid
Health officers carrying the body of Covid-19 patient in New York. Photo: Reuters

The statistics came in the context of a number of US' states record the highest number of people hospitalized by Covid-19 after weeks of easing community restrictions measures. It is expected that as of October 1, the number of deaths from SARS-CoV-2 virus in the US may reach more than 200,000.

Trump administration sues to block book of John Bolton

The President Donald Trump administration sued former national security adviser John Bolton on June 16 to prevent him from publishing an autobiography revealing "everything" about what happened in the White House.

2514 john bolton
Former White House national security adviser John Bolton. Photo: AP

The 27-page lawsuit also requires the judge to order Bolton to take any action "within its power" to stop publishing the book being drafted, "withdraw and remove" any copies which is sent to a third party.

The Justice Department also asked Bolton not to disclose further information that he wrote in the book or to disclose details "in any form or media without prior written permission".

In addition, the Justice Department said it could try to withhold any profits Bolton earned from the memoirs and ask the judge to order the accounting "all proceeds, profits, royalties and other advantages" which Mr. Bolton received from the publication of the book.

3844 john bolton 1
"The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir" written by John Bolton. Photo:

Mr. Chuck Cooper, Bolton's lawyer, told ABC News they were reviewing the complaint and would respond on time. President Trump accused Bolton of not completing the pre-publication review process to ensure that the book does not contain sensitive information. It remains contradictory with statements from Bolton's lawyer.

Mr. Cooper said his client had worked hard for months with information classification experts at the White House National Security Council to avoid disclosing confidential information.

4829 john bolton 2
"Game on", says Bolton. Photo:

Mr. Bolton's book named "The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir" was scheduled to be released in March. Its release has been delayed twice and it will be released by publisher Simon & Schuster next week.

“Mr. Bolton wrote on a wide range of topics and there was certainly chaos in the White House. Mr. Bolton also assessed key figures, the president's inconsistent decision-making process, and how the president dealt with allies and enemies, from China, Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, South Korea, Iran, English, French and German”, the publisher said.

4938 john bolton 3
John Bolton and president Donald Trump. Photo:

The 75 year-old protester man shoved on ground in New York had fractured skull and cannot walk

CNN reported that Martin Gugino, 75, suffered a cracked skull and was unable to walk after being pushed by two police officers in New York state earlier this month.

"At this time, I am not allowed to reveal anything other than to confirm that his skull is cracked. Although he hasn't been able to walk yet, we can talk briefly before he gets too tired. He treasures all the concerns people have for him but still focuses on issues other than himself", Kelly Zarcone, lawyer of Gugino said in a statement on June 15.

1135 police 1
Martin Gugino shoved on the ground. Photo cut from video.

The announcement also included a message from Mr. Gugino: "I think it is not necessary to focus on me. There are many other things to think about."

Mr. Gugino is in the process of recovering, Zarcone added on June 16. "If nothing goes wrong, I think there won't be much change this week," she said.

1440 martin
Martin Gugino. Photo: NY Post

Mr. Gugino was injured when two cops pushed him down during anti-racist protests and police violence in the city of Buffalo on June 4. Video of the incident shows him losing his balance when two policemen pushed him over, fell on his back and banged his head on the sidewalk, while many police passed.

Buffalo police initially issued a statement claiming that Mr. Gugino had slipped. After the video filmed by reporters spread on the Internet, they corrected the statement and suspended the work of the two officers and opened an investigation.

1320 buffalo police
Two officers shoved Martin Gugino. Photo:

Aaron Torgalski, 39, and Robert McCabe, 32, who knocked down Gugino, all pleaded not guilty of second-degree attacks and were released without bail.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo criticized the two police officers' Gugini shoving as "completely irrational and humiliating".

The US raised voice in China and India border disputes

The US hopes India and China can find a peaceful solution after New Delhi says at least 20 soldiers have died in clashes in Ladakh. "Both India and China have expressed their desire to reduce escalation and we support a peaceful solution to the current situation," a State Department spokesman said on June 16.

4239 china india border
A Chinese soldier gestures as he stands near an Indian soldier on the Chinese side of the ancient Nathu La border crossing between India and China on July 10, 2008. Photo: Getty

The spokesman added that Washington had "closely monitored" the situation and also mentioned India's casualties announcement of the clash in the Galwan valley, Ladakh region. "We offer our condolences to victims' families," the US official said.

President Donald Trump said last month that it informed both China and India that the US "is ready, willing and able to" reconcile "the ongoing border dispute" between the two countries. However, India rejected this proposal.

The United Nations on the same day also called for China and India to "maximum restraint".

4700 china india border 2
The rock of peace. Photo: Zeenews

Former ambassador to China, also former Indian Foreign Minister, Nirupama Menon Rao, has warned New Delhi and Beijing are in "a very worrying time".

"If the issue is not handled properly, it can really escalate into something much bigger than we originally imagined," says Harsh Pant of the Indian Research Observatory Foundation, which specializes in advice to governments and businesses of this country, warned.

1601 china india border
Troops of China and india in the controversial area. Photo: PTI

The clashes took place on the evening of June 15 in the Galwan valley, in Ladakh region, where both India and China claimed. This is the first lethal clash since Chinese soldiers ambushed Indian soldiers in 1975 on the Line of Reality Control (LAC), which is considered the Indo-China border.

India previously accused a significant number of Chinese border guards of crossing the LAC and invading an area controlled by the country. Meanwhile, China accuses Indian troops of crossing the border and attacking its own troops.

Indian and Chinese soldiers fought for weeks at Pangong Tso Lake, Galwan Valley, Demchok Village and Daulat Beg Oldi Base in eastern Ladakh. The previous clashes wounded the soldiers, but no people were killed.

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