Coronavirus crisis: WHO warns of no perfect vaccine helping stop the Covid-19

Given the Covid-19 vaccine-related warning, WHO calls for enhanced precautions such as masks, social spacing, handwashing and testing to prevent the Covid-19 spreading.
August 04, 2020 | 09:19
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Researching the Covid-19 vaccine at a laboratory in France. Photo: AFP

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned of never having a perfect Covid-19 vaccine to stop the disease, and that the road to normality will be long, with some countries requiring a reset of strategy.

To date, Covid-19 has caused more than 18 million people infectious and more than 688,000 have died, with some countries thought it was the worst time to see the disease return, according to a Reuters tally.

Tedros and WHO emergency program director Mike Ryan called on countries to strictly enforce precautions such as wearing masks, social spacing, handwashing and testing.

The message to people and governments is clear: “Do it all,” Tedros told a virtual news briefing at an online press conference in Switzerland on March 3 (local time). He said that wearing a mask should be a symbol of a solidarity world.

A number of vaccines are now in phase three clinical trials and we all hope to have a number of effective vaccines that can help prevent people from infection. However, there’s no silver bullet at the moment - and there might never be.”

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Blood samples to be tested for COVID-19 are seen outside a hospital on August 3, 2020 in Manila, Philippines. (Photo by Ezra Acayan/Getty Images)

The WHO head said that, while the coronavirus was the biggest health emergency since the early 20th century, the international scramble for a vaccine was also “unprecedented”.

But he underscored uncertainties.

There are concerns that we may not have a vaccine that may work, or its protection could be for just a few months, not more. But until we finish the clinical trials, we will not know.

Ryan said countries with high transmission rates, including Brazil and India, needed to brace for a big battle: “The way out is long and requires a sustained commitment,” he said, calling for a “reset” of approach in some places.

Some countries are really going to have to take a step back now and really take a look at how they are addressing the pandemic within their national borders,” he added.

The WHO officials said an advance investigation team had concluded its China mission and laid out the groundwork for further efforts to identify the origins of the virus, reported the perthnow.

The study is one of the demands made by top donor the United States which plans to leave the body next year, accusing it of being too acquiescent to China.

A larger, WHO-led team of Chinese and international experts is planned next, including in the city of Wuhan, although the timing and composition of that was unclear.

Ryan said China had already given some information but knowledge gaps remained.

The video shows WHo's warns of possibly no perfect vaccine stopping the Covid-19.

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