COVID-19 Updates (Nov. 7): Imported case get positive result after 2 negative tests

A Vietnamese who returned from Angola is the lastest COVID-19 case reported in the country as of November 07.
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Imported case get positive result after 2 negative tests. (Photo: MOH)

Imported case get positive result after 2 negative tests

On the morning of November 7, the National Steering Committee on COVID-19 Prevention and Control reported a new imported COVID-19 case, a Vietnamese nationality. He returned home on Oct. 20 and had already tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 twice before receiving the positive test result on Nov. 6. Currently, the patient is quarantined and treated in Bac Ninh.

Overall, Vietnam has so far recorded 1,213 patients, 1,070 of which have been given all-clear. Among patients under treatment, 9 cases have received their first-time negative test results, 11 have negatively tested for the second time, and 8 for the third time.

Nationwide, there are 14,064 people under quarantine for having close contact with or passing through pandemic areas.

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Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos Nguyen Ba Hung and head of the Lao Party Central Committee’s Commission Sounthone Sayachak. (Photo: Nhan Dan)

Vietnam presents 30.000 face masks to Laos

Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos Nguyen Ba Hung, on behalf of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for External Relations, handed over 30,000 face masks to Sounthone Sayachak, head of the Lao Party Central Committee’s Commission for External Relations, on November 6.

Ambassador Hung said that although Vietnam and Laos have both basically brought COVID-19 under control, they need to remain vigilant and continue supporting each other in carrying out preventive measures effectively, Nhan Dan cited.

Sayachak thanked Vietnam for its support in the context of the country facing a host of difficulties itself, in particular recent storms and flooding. This is a clear demonstration of the special Laos-Vietnam relations, she said, adding that the gift will help her country continue to curb the pandemic.

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Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam. (Photo: VNA)

Deputy PM: Best solution is to maintain prevention measures and safely coexist with the disease

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam answered questions from several National Assembly (NA) deputies on Vietnam’s COVID-19 prevention and control measures in the time ahead as well as progress in the country’s vaccine research, at a Q&A session of the 14th NA’s 10th sitting on November 6.

Accordingly, Vietnam must prepare for the disease to last until the end of 2021 and be able to produce a vaccine at that time or in early 2022. The purchase of vaccines from other sources remains relatively difficult, he explained, as demand will long be higher than production capacity. For Vietnam, the best solution is to maintain prevention measures and, at the same time, safely coexist with the disease.

He asked leaders of ministries, sectors, and localities, and people not to be subjective but to take the initiative in disease prevention and control. Both public and private health clinics, schools, accommodation sites, and factories are required to follow disease prevention and control measures, he said.

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Over 270 citizens brought home from UK. (Photo: Vietnam Plus)

Over 270 citizens brought home from UK

More than 270 Vietnamese citizens were safely brought home on a flight of national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines on November 6.

The passengers include children under 18, the elderly, people with underlying conditions and those in extremely disadvantaged circumstances. The Vietnamese Embassy had sent staff to the airport to assist them with boarding procedures.

In-flight safety and preventive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic were rigorously enforced to protect the passengers’ health and prevent the spread of the disease. All passengers and crew members received medical check-ups and were sent to quarantine in line with regulations upon arrival at Van Don International Airport in the northeastern province of Quang Ninh.

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