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Covid-19: Vietnam searching for 4 Chinese climbing wall to escape quarantine

10:09 | 12/07/2020

COVID-19 Updates in Vietnam (July 12): Vietnam is rushing to hunt four Chinese men escaping quarantine after entering the country.  As of 6 am on July 12, Vietnam has not recorded any new cases of Covid-19 in the community. The Government continues to promote activities to bring Vietnamese citizens back from pandemic areas.

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covid 19 vietnam searching for 4 chinese climbing wall to escape quarantine
The Director of the Department of Medical Services grants the hospital discharge certificate to patient no. 91 (Photo: Baotintic)

As of 6 am on 12/7, Vietnam reached its 88th days with no COVID-19 cases in the community.

The total number of people having contact with or coming repatriating from the pandemic areas being monitored for health (isolation) is now 11,009 cases, including:

- Hospitalized isolation: 62

- Centralized isolation at other facilities: 10,541;

- Home isolation: 406 cases.

According to the report of the National Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control Covid-19, among the cases of Covid-19 being treated, 2 have been tested negative for the SARS-CoV-2 virus at least twice.

So far, Vietnam has successfully controlled the pandemic. Recently detected cases only include people in concentrated isolation institutes.

However, Vietnam is still at risk of pandemic breaking in the community. In the prevention of that situation, the Ministry of Health has proposed border provinces to continue strengthening and protecting the national border. Accordingly, the risk of epidemic infiltration from abroad into Vietnam is still high, especially with illegal entry situation.

Facing the current situation, the National Steering Committee for Prevention and Control of the Covid-19 pandemic suggested that citizens take measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic in the new situation. Under the direction of the Prime Minister with the "dual-task", both economic development, and the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, are recording considerable achievements.

On July 11, Vietnam recorded one more new case of COVID-19, a Serbian, isolated upon entry, with no risk of infection to the community, bringing the number of cases in Vietnam to 370.

Hunting four Chinese man escaping from quarantine

Tay Ninh province on July 11 has issued an announcement seeking four Chinese nationalities who had climbed over a wall to escape from the quarantine center for Covid-19 prevention and combat in the area.

covid 19 vietnam searching for 4 chinese climbing wall to escape quarantine

The quads are identified as Ying Ya Qiang, 23, Qian Ski, born in 25, Dai Shu Qian, 33, and Wang Yu Xiuan, born in 26. All were caught breaking out quarantine area at 1.am on July 11.

A Vietnamese woman who is the girlfriend of one of the aforementioned, rented a vehicle to help them escape, police said.

The four men had entered Vietnam via a border gate in the northern province of Quang Ninh.

They were reported to authorities in Tay Ninh by local people after traveling to the southern province on a coach.

Only Qian Ski did not bring his personal document along while the other three men were able to show their Chinese ID cards upon their admission to the quarantine camp.

Flight repatriate British pilot home

On the morning of July 11, Cho Ray Hospital (Ho Chi Minh City) held a hospital discharge ceremony for the 91st patient (British male pilot, 43 years old) after 116 days of treatment.

Mr. Luu Hoang Minh, Deputy Head of Flight 919 Crew, said patient no. 91 was allowed to return home by Boeing 787-10 aircraft, the most modern aircraft today, the same one that the patient had piloted.

covid 19 vietnam searching for 4 chinese climbing wall to escape quarantine
Patient 91 talks with doctors and leaders Cho Ray Hospital. Photo by Vnexpress.

The emergency transport team of the Family Clinic took the British pilot from Cho Ray hospital to Tan Son Nhat airport to take off to Hanoi on the evening of July 11. Dr. Rafi Kot, General Director of Family Clinic, said to ensure safety during the process of transporting patients back to the country, the unit worked with the authorities and Cho Ray Hospital's doctors to finalize trip planning.

It also surveyed the Boeing 787 aircraft, ensuring that the patient's seat can arrange necessary medical equipment and support continuous medical care for the patient during the flight.

Other flights arranged to return overseas Vietnamese

On July 11, Vietnam Government, the Vietnam Embassy to Singapore, and VietJet airline collaborated with Singapore authorities to bring over 240 Vietnamese citizens from Singapore to their country.

The mentioned citizens including children under 18, pregnant women, the elderly, the sick, workers with expired visas and employment contracts, travelers, and citizens stuck in Singapore while transiting from other countries.

covid 19 vietnam searching for 4 chinese climbing wall to escape quarantine
VietJet cooperated to bring 240 Vietnamese citizens from Singapore (Photo: TTXVN)

With the goal of ensuring the health of citizens, preventing the spread of the disease, VietJet airline has strictly implemented measures on security, safety, and epidemiological hygiene during the flight. Immediately after landing safely at Danang International Airport, the participants of the flight went under medical examination and were sent to a concentrated isolation facility in accordance with Vietnam's regulations.

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