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vietnam peoples army the foundation and development

Vietnam People's Army: The foundation and development

08:04 | 19/03/2020

Vietnam People's Army (VPA), the core of the Vietnam people’s armed forces, is an army from the people and for the people, ready to sacrifice their own lives for “the independence and freedom of the Homeland, for socialism and for the happiness of the people.”

vietnam national assembly history functions and components

Vietnam National Assembly: History, functions and components

21:22 | 18/03/2020

Since its foundation in 1946, the National Assembly has become the supreme representative body of the people, the highest body of State power of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It is the highest representative organ of the people; the highest organ of state power, and the sole organ that has the constitutional and legislative rights.    

vietnam constitution

Vietnam Constitution

21:21 | 18/03/2020

Throughout more than 70 years of its history, the Vietnam National Assembly has passed five constitutions: the 1946 Constitution, the 1959 Constitution, the 1980 Constitution, the 1992 Constitution and the 2013 Constitution. Each Constitution has marked the road of growth of the Vietnamese revolutionary state, serving as the foundation for completing the legal system and building a law-ruled socialist state of Vietnam of the people, by the people and for the people.

the organization of vietnam militia and self defence force

The organization of Vietnam Militia and Self-Defence Force

15:28 | 17/03/2020

Vietnam Militia units are organized in communes, precincts or district towns, while the self-defence units are organized in political, socio-political bodies, State offices, civil services and economic organizations. 

an overview of vietnam militia and self defence force

An overview of Vietnam Militia and Self-Defence Force

15:21 | 17/03/2020

Vietnam Militia and Self-Defence Force is the armed force of the masses that is not separated from production activities and work, placed under the leadership of the CPV, the management of the Government and people's committees at various levels, the unified guidance and command of the Minister of National Defence, and the direct guidance and command of local military headquarters. 

communist party of vietnam history organization and structure

Communist Party of Vietnam: History, Organization and Structure

16:34 | 15/03/2020

The Communist Party of Vietnam: History, Organization and Structure: The current political system of Viet Nam is composed of the following: the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), political organizations, socio-political organizations, socio-professional organizations, and mass associations.

vietnam put a ban on wildlife trade and consumption

Vietnam put a ban on wildlife trade and consumption

14:44 | 11/03/2020

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc requested Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to draft a Directive on April 1 and put a ban on wildlife trade and consumption, following a letter proposed by leaders from 14 non-profit natural and wildlife conservation organizations.

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