Vietnamese in the Czech Republic promote solidarity to overcome COVID-19

Vietnamese Ambassador to Czech, Thai Xuan Dung, said that the prolonged pandemic, especially its third wave, has had a great impact on the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic.
March 28, 2021 | 12:56
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According to Vietnam News Agency's reporters in Prague, in the complicated 3rd wave of the pandemic in the Czech Republic, the Vietnamese community has made efforts to promote solidarity, working together to overcome the pandemic's severe effects. Right from the beginning of the outbreak, the Vietnamese in the Czech Republic have supported the authorities, hospitals, and forces directly fighting the pandemic... and at the same time helped each other to go through difficult times, especially those in difficult circumstances. Local people have been reminding each other to strictly comply with the local authorities' measures to prevent the pandemic, voluntarily isolate, make medical reports and share information to avoid the spread of disease in the community.

According to the Czech authorities, this country has so far recorded nearly 1.5 million cases of infection, equivalent to 14% of its population, of which, over 25,400 were reported dead. New variants' emergence worsens the infection situation in this area, pushing the Czech health system into overcrowding that requires medical assistance from some other European Union countries. The Czech Republic is also promoting COVID-19 vaccination and has vaccinated more than 1.4 million people in priority groups. However, the vaccination speed has not been as good as expected, because the vaccine suppliers have not delivered the planned quantities.

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In an interview with Vietnam News Agency, the Vietnamese Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Thai Xuan Dung, said that the prolonged pandemic, especially its third wave, has had a great impact on the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic. Up to now, over 800 Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic have been infected with COVID-19 and more than 20 of these could not survive. According to the Ambassador, infection among young people and death due to COVID-19 in the Vietnamese community was lower than that of local people.

Assessing the contribution of the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic, Ambassador Thai Xuan Dung said that from the beginning, Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic proactively and actively joined hands with the local authorities and people to fight the pandemic. They also voluntarily complied with the pandemic prevention measures of the host government, providing materials, spiritual and financial support to local forces who directly involved in pandemic prevention. Many noble gestures have been performed such as making masks, donating antiseptic solutions, donating money, providing free meals and drinks ... These works have been received high appreciation from all-level Czech leaders. However, due to the prolonged pandemic, pressure on livelihoods, as well as many other objective and subjective reasons, many Vietnamese were no longer as cautious as they used to be, leaving chances for pandemic spread.

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Facing the complicated pandemic situation, Ambassador Thai Xuan Dung recommended that the Vietnamese community in Czech strictly comply with the local regulations. In addition, people also need to promote solidarity, mutual affection, and support for each other to overcome the current difficult period and help those who are infected with COVID-19.

Regarding the Embassy's work since the March 2020 COVID-19 outbreak in the Czech Republic Dung said that the Embassy had cooperated with the Vietnamese Association in the Czech Republic to set up a pandemic prevention steering committee, regularly updated the situation, promptly made recommendations to local people and encouraged them to actively and proactively comply with pandemic prevention measures according to regulations. The enthusiastic, proactive, and active response and participation of people, not being afraid to help each other have brought positive signs to the pandemic prevention here, thereby minimizing the damage caused by the disease.

In consular work, the Embassy has also made flexible changes to avoid crowding, and at the same time, publicize all procedures, records, schedules on its website to bring convenience for the people. In order to implement Vietnam's state policies in organizing repatriation flights, the Embassy has actively coordinated with domestic authorities, relevant missions, and host authorities to arrange rescue flights for more than 390 Vietnamese citizens in the Czech Republic to return home. Currently, the Embassy is actively working with the competent authorities in the country to better meet the people's homecoming needs.

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